How To Maintain Solar Lights

How To Maintain Solar Lights
How To Maintain Solar Lights. Image source:

Solar lights are becoming a trend in this modern world. There are many benefits of solar lights that are not offered by LEDs and halogen lighting systems. They are eco-friendly, quiet, and renewable. Solar lights are used in both commercial and domestic settings to illuminate places like walkways, landscapes, and even in parking lots.

Many people are shifting to solar energy and enjoying benefits like low electric bills and uninterrupted power. But it is important to know that for your solar lights to have a long life, they need to be taken care of properly. Following are some steps you can follow to properly maintain your solar lights:

Maintain Solar Panels

First and foremost, make sure the solar panels are well maintained. Solar panels absorb sunlight and charge the batteries to power the lights. If the solar panels are not clean or damaged in any way, this will affect the battery charging and in turn affect the solar lights. If you live near a desert or a high-pollen area, you will need to clean your solar panels at least once a month.

When cleaning your solar panel, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions as well. They might have special instructions to follow or might have mentioned some special material to clean your solar panels and lights with.

Check Wires And Connections

One of the prime features of solar-powered lights is that you do not need to worry about underground wirings. But, there are still wires and connections involved to charge the batteries and power the lights. Heisolar all-in-one street lights come with panels attached to the fixture which further reduces the use of wires.

You may also encounter solar lights with separate fixtures and panels. In this case, the wires may be chewed up by your pets or other outdoor animals. You will have to regularly check the wires for any damage and make sure the connections are not loose. It is more important if you have installed outdoor solar lights where wildlife such as squirrels can chew on those wires.

Globes and Fixtures

Make sure the globes and fixtures of your solar lights are well cleaned. Cleaning the solar lights themselves is fairly easy. All you need is soapy water, a scrub brush, and a soft cloth. You can easily clean out any debris or dust from the globes and fixtures. Doing this will help maintain the visual appeal of the solar lights and also extend their life. Cleaning out the lights will also ensure the illumination is not blocked by debris or dust.

While cleaning the globes and fixtures, also check for any signs of damage. These can be cracked globes, dented fixtures, or cracked plastic. If you find any damage, try and repair the damage. If it is beyond repair, it’s better to replace the whole fixture.


A very important factor to make sure your solar lights don’t give up on you is to regularly check the batteries. A faulty battery might not hold the charge long enough or it might charge very slowly. This will also end up damaging your solar lights and reducing their life. That is why it is important that you keep an eye on the batteries.

The most damaging thing for a battery is corrosion. You need to check the batteries from time to time and remove corrosion to improve battery life and performance. Improving battery health will also improve the life and usage of solar lights. If you feel like the damage is too much, you should replace the batteries.

Keeping The Shade Away

Regularly prune and clean out any bushes or tree branches that may cover the panels and stop sunlight. Solar lights rely on solar energy produced by sunlight. If the panels can not generate enough energy, your solar lights will be useless.

Solar lights are mostly used outdoors to light up walkways and driveways at night. For the solar lights to illuminate your home at night, the batteries need to be charged. So, making sure that the panels are getting enough exposure to fully charge the batteries is a good habit.


Outdoor solar lights have to face extreme heat and extreme cold. Solar lights are designed to bear the brunt of the weather all year round. But, if you are leaving your house for a long time, it’s better to remove and store the solar lights. However, you have to carefully store them so they don’t get damaged. Follow these steps to prevent any permanent damage:

  • Store lights at room temperature and in a place where they can receive artificial or natural light.
  • Do not store in dark places. Doing this will damage the batteries and their ability to hold the charge.
  • Do not store for prolonged periods. This will deteriorate the life and performance of the lights.


Solar energy is the future. They are the most used item powered by solar energy at the moment. Many households now use solar-powered lights in their driveways and gardens. This reduces the bills and gives a futuristic look thanks to minimal wiring and unique designs. Hopefully, this guide is able to help you maintain that futuristic look of your house by taking better care of your solar lights.

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