How to Get Sparkling Windows Inside and Out Without Streaking?


Everyone wants to have transparent and clear windows. These are the most important part of the homes that contribute heavily to the home and its look. If the windows are dirty, a homeowner can’t certainly drag a positive impression from them. So, according to the company of window cleaning it is important to make the windows clean inside and out without any streaking.

  • Know the Right Way to Clean Windows

Before you are going to clean the windows, it is important to have knowledge of the proper cleaning materials that are important to make all these things with appropriate things.

  • You need to use, huge dry brush to wash out the dust and cobwebs.
  • Make sure that you have a bucket, sponge, microfiber cloths that are perfect to use the windows. Vinegar is a perfect solution to use for cleaning the windows.
  • Make sure that you also have vinegar that will make a great contribution to keep the glasses glittering.

Once you have made all these things rightly, you can easily get them on a perfect track that will shine all the time. Without a proper drying pad, you can’t free the windows and it is not easier to make them appealing. That will help to clear the dust and other things.

  • Use Distilled Water

The water you are going to use for washing purposes is playing a crucial role to clean the windows and make them transparent.

If you are using dirty water, your washing job won’t yield the right result. So, most of the experts recommend using distilled water that will come with appropriate results and be able to clean the windows completely. This water doesn’t have the appropriate minerals and that can be present in tap water. This is the main reason for which it won’t leave any streakiness on the window glass. Though it is quite expensive, you should use it in a limited amount when needed.

It is not good to flatten the budget unnecessarily. So, make sure that you have properly arranged the pure that will leave no strain on the glass after washing the job.

  • Use Vinegar to Wash the Windows

Vinegar is one of the easily available products in homes. Since it is good for preparing food but it can work as a cleaning agent while going to wash the windows. It is also natural and there is no need to think twice to use this while washing the windows rightly.

If you want to go for a chemical-free washing job, it is important for you to come with the right kind of vinegar that will deliver an amazing result. It is non-toxic and keeps the bacteria-free from the window glass. This is the main reason; maximum people prefer to use this mixing with water for cleaning the windows. They never produce any odd result that other toxic washing materials produce.

  • Minimal Use of Soap

Some people usually think that using more soap can yield more results compared to other things. This is completely false. While you are using maximum soap, they usually leave more stain on the glass compared to other things. Washing them at the end of the time is also a problem and uses more water. Therefore, it will be best to use minimum soap that will make a great contribution to clean the windows.

Window cleaning jobs don’t always need a high amount of detergent or soap, unlike another washing job. So, it is quite important to come with the right kind of things that will make a great contribution on your way to quickly clean the window using minimum soap. If you are not aware of soap much, you can also use liquid dishwashing soap that will work excellently in order to get the right result. Few drops of dishwashing liquid will come with an amazing result which is not possible with using a high amount of soap.

If you are using chemicals in your daily life, it is important for you to come with the right kind of things that certainly get the appropriate results by using ammonia. It is rightly mixed with the soap with little amount and it comes up with an appropriate result. That will make a great contribution on your way to clean the window. Using a few drops of rubbing alcohol is also another thing that everyone can use for washing windows.

  • Buff after the Completion of the Washing Job

No matter what chemicals you are using to clean the windows, it will be best to come with a buff. It will leave no streak on the glass after the washing job. So, you shouldn’t leave this step for getting excellent results from the window washing job.


These are some of the best tips that you should follow while going to wash your windows to get a glittering effect both inside and outside. These steps are proven and able to come with an absolute result which is not possible to get from any other process.

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