How to Get Rid of Fire Ants Organically?

Fire ants are similar to red ants with their vibrant red color and venomous sting. They live in small colonies and are identified as a minority in the ant’s community. These small creatures can be very difficult to get rid of. They can cause harm to your plants, or crops, or livestock, or wildlife. 

It is said that they are attracted to the electricity and can damage your air conditioners, transformers, and so on. It is very important to keep your children away from these ants otherwise, their sting can cause medical problems. However, insecticides do not always successfully control these fire ants, so here are some tips on how you can control fire ants organically. 

  1. Dish Soap: One of the most common ways to control the fire ants is by using a dish soap spray. Mix your dish soap in water, store it in a spray bottle, and spray at the colonies of fire ants. The dish soap contains chemicals that can break down an ant’s exoskeleton and dehydrate it. 
  2. Lemon water: Mix equal amounts of lemon juice and water and spray at different entry points or at colonies of ants. You have to spray at the areas consistently to get effective results. 
  3. Pepper: Most ants don’t seem to like the smell of pepper. So, you can sprinkle black or red (cayenne) pepper to get rid of an infested area. This is a completely safe and natural way to get rid of ants. 
  4. Water: Water is probably the all-rounder of fluids. It can help you with almost all the problems. Take some boiling water and pour it down the ant hole. This will kill many ants, if not the entire colony. So, you have to pour the boiling water down an ant hole you come across in your house. 
  5. Neem oil: This plant has always proven to be useful in various ways. Different parts of this plant, like the leaves, the branches, the extracts, can be used for different purposes. However, as an ant repellent, neem oil seems to be the best. Other neem products aren’t as useful for driving the ants as the neem oil is. Neem oil can be easily purchased from any online store or health food store. 
  6. Boric Acid: Boric acid has proven to not only get rid of fire ants but also to kill the colony along with their queen within 2-3 weeks. There are two ways in which you can use boric acid, the easiest way is to dissolve ½ a teaspoon of boric acid with around 8 teaspoons of sugar, in a cup full of warm water, or you can mix boric acid with some sweet syrup like maple syrup and apply it on a cardboard and leave it near the ant hole. Boric Acid kills the ants by eroding their outer shell and stomach. Be careful and use gloves while using acid.
  7. Vinegar: This is yet another easy way to eradicate RIFA ants. Mix equal amounts of vinegar and water in a container. Clean the surfaces of furniture or the floor or parts of your house infected by these ants using this diluted vinegar. Vinegar can repel as well as kill the ants. 
  8. Silicon dioxide: Silicon dioxide or diatomaceous earth dries out the ants by absorbing the oils in their skeleton. This isn’t poisonous, but you should wear a mask before you sprinkle it in the ant-infested areas. 

These are a few of the simple and organic ways which will help you get rid of the ant infestation in your house. Follow these ways, if you aren’t completely satisfied with your regular insecticide. 

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