How to Choose and Compare Tile Saws

How to Choose and Compare Tile Saws
How to Choose and Compare Tile Saws. Image source: Pixabay

Are you planning to redesign your dining floor, bathroom or kitchen? Tiles will definitely be a great addition. Since they come with different sizes, it means that you will have to cut them into different sizes. For that reason, you will need to look for a tile saw. Choosing the best tile saw is the first step if you want to succeed in your project.

However, searching for the best tile saw is no longer an easy task because they are so many on the market. You will also find that they come in different types which makes it hard to determine the right option. To make your work easier, we’ve revealed the key things you should check when buying a tile saw. Check out our comprehensive guide below.

  1. Type – You will find that there are different types of tile saws. To get the best for your projects, you need to know the differences between these tile saws.
  • Tabletop wet tile saw – This one is the most common type and it is very easy to use. It requires water to cool down the blades to prevent overheating. The blades are very effective since they have a diamond coating. You won’t strain so much when cutting the tiles because it comes with a stand.
  • Handheld wet saw – This one also uses water for cooling and the blade has a diamond coating. The only difference between a handheld wet saw and a tabletop wet saw is that handheld tile saw is smaller. As a result, it doesn’t require a table top stand when cutting.
  • Overhead motor wet tile saw – The most notable thing about overhead wet tile saw is that it has a stand and also a rail system. You are supposed to pass the tiles through the cutting wheel. Unlike in other types of tile saws that require you to pass the materials underneath the table, this one is a bit different because you will have to pass the materials on top of the table.
  • Snap cuter or rail tile saw – This one is the most lightweight and smallest tile saw. Due to its small size, it is the cheapest. If you are in need of the best tile saw for simple projects, it is indeed the best. What you will like about it is that it doesn’t use electricity or a water pump. Again, it is operated manually which means that it does not require a stand. You will just need to move the scoring blade across the material you want to cut.
  1. Blade – A tile saw is of no use if it doesn’t have a good blade. Even if it has a powerful motor, it will not be useful if the blade is not functional. Most of the tiles saws comes with blade that has a diamond coating. Such tools are the best since they can cut even the hardest tiles. You also need to ensure that the tile saw you have picked can work with different types of blades to ensure that it is versatile enough for different tasks.
  2. Comfort – Ensure that the tile saw you have picked is comfortable enough even when you will be using it for long hours. Before buying, check whether it has a rubber grip or an adjustable height. With a good tool, you won’t experience health problems such as back pain and migraines.
  3. Size – The size of a tile saw will highly depend on the type of tasks you will be performing. You so not need a very large tile saw for simple projects. A good tile saw should be lightweight and easy to use.
  4. Motor – The strength of the motor determines the performance of the tile saw. This means that you need to look for a tool that has a high horse power. With such a tile saw, you are sure that you won’t waste a lot of time since it good tile saw cuts at a very high speed. You also need to choose according to the intensity of your projects. If you are searching for a tool you can use for heavy-duty cutting, then you need to look for one with a horsepower of 1.5-2.5. For lighter projects, you can choose a 0.5HP saw or 1-1.5 HP for medium projects.
  5. Reviews – You need to check the reviews online to know whether the product will perform as expected. Some sellers will offer low quality products at a high price. To be on the safe side, it is important to go through the positive and negative reviews to get a clear picture of how the product performs.


Tile saws are great tools that will help you to achieve your desired results especially when cutting tiles in different sizes. They also help you to save money by minimizing material damage. However, purchasing any tile saw is a bad idea because these tools don’t work the same.

With this guide, it is my hope now you won’t have any problems indentifying the best tile saw for your projects. Not all tile saws will give you a great performance which means that you need to be very keen when buying. You also need to understand the different types to ensure that you have picked the one that suits your projects.

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