How to Choose Abstract Wall Art Room by Room

There is a lot that abstract wall art can do. It can turn a simple space into a spectacular haven that everyone wishes to escape to. It can help define a homeowner’s personality, not forgetting that it can go a long way in adding character to the entire space. Therefore, if you are looking for something that will give every room in your home a new breath of life, wall art should feature at the helm of your priority list.

Before choosing canvas art, keep in mind that what works for one room might not work for the other. Are you wondering how you can get the best results in your entire house with the best pieces in the market? Below are some tips that will help you choose an abstract wall art room by room.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is often referred to as the ‘heart’ of every home, but despite being one of the places that receive massive traffic on a daily basis, it is often ignored in terms of artwork.

There is no doubt that abstract art needs to be incorporated in the kitchen as it is done in other rooms in your home. When choosing pieces for this room, make sure that you go with the best that will complement your style. Excellent kitchen artwork can be energizing and it can help increase the appetite for various foods and beverages. If you are watching your weight, for example, artwork that promotes healthy eating will work perfectly for you.  Do not forget to choose colours that will complement other decorative features within the space.

Even though you might be tempted to go for abstract wall art as it looks beautiful and classy; it might overwhelm your kitchen. Lean towards smaller pieces and make your kitchen a hub that will make you smile every morning!

The bedroom

The bedroom is the last place you visit when the day ends. It is a retreat and relaxation hub that needs to look luxurious and appealing. The best abstract wall art will help you achieve this look. You need to choose the art depending on your style, but you need to keep in mind that large scale pieces will work best for this space. Look for wall art with soothing tones or colours, which will accelerate your sleep even in your worst days. Make sure that this art is strategically placed on the wall opposite the bed and hung at eye level. You will thank yourself later!

The Bathroom

This is another element that is overlooked with art. With this room, always make sure that the abstract wall art you choose complements its vibe. If it is a master bathroom, for example, go for calming and serene pieces. Also, remember that the best bathroom abstract art comes in pairs. Therefore, always buy a set of two either side by side or stacked together. They can be similar abstract pieces, or different ones but with the same theme. You can hang them over towel hooks, the toilet, or a hot tub if you have one.

The Living room

The living room is the place where you welcome your guests; hence it should look at its best all the time. This room might be fun to decorate with abstract canvas art, but the undertaking itself can be overwhelming. When choosing artwork for your living room, you will, most likely, be under pressure to choose something that will not only match your style but also look good in the eyes of everyone who walks into your home. Ensure that you go with a piece that helps reflect your desirable personality. That said, choosing the ideal pieces is elemental in setting the vibe or feel in your space, and sparking a conversation about their exquisiteness.

When decorating your living room with art, think of large wall art. This will create a focal point, and keep eyes off anything that might be amiss within the room. Regardless of the piece you choose, ensure it reflects your style and personality.

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