How to Buy a Better Mattress: The Ultimate Guide

How to Buy a Better Mattress: The Ultimate Guide

When it comes to investing is a mattress, it is normal to be nervous about the choice you will make, not only because you won’t be shopping for a new one in a long while, but also because you spend about a third of your life in bed. To further complicate the matter, the market is filled with several brands of mattresses in different sizes, colours and quality.

With such a tough decision to make, you may be caught in a fix over which is the better mattress to carry home with you, among the many presented to you in the store. With so many options available and having to consider multiple factors like whether you have a back, or hip condition or any injury at all, and if you or your partner have special needs, you can always check mattress guides when you’re planning to buy a new one to help you make a choice. Also, people from different group ages may require different types of mattresses, whether it’s firm, soft, for back, or stomach sleepers, there’s a mattress for every need. This article will lighten your burden by shedding light on how to buy a better mattress.

Talk to a doctor or a specialist

Mattresses may not seem like a big deal, but as far as proper sleep as a healthy habit is concerned, it is as serious as talking to a doctor or specialist.

After consulting a doctor, you are in a better place of understanding your health situation, and how best to choose a mattress that will not compromise or worsen your health, mainly related to the spinal column. Also, it makes sense to consult a doctor for information on allergies and reactions that you could develop due to materials like wool, among others.

Learn more about materials

With the bulk of information available online, you can now get smart about materials used in making a mattress. For instance, you can visit to find out the types of mattresses available, then research which materials these mattresses responsible for these products.

Advances in technology have brought in a lot of revolution in the manufacturing of products, mattresses not left behind. Manufacturers are trying out newer ways to combine materials by placing different layers from different materials. For example, some people have a preference for memory form as the top layer, while others prefer latex.

Further, consider the material of the cover of the mattress, including, resistance to stains, swear, wear and tear, quality of the stitching, nature of the folds, among others. Once you are sure of your preferences, you will make the right decision while at the store.

Look for reviews online

A legit mattress brand has information you about their products online. Otherwise, some so many people review mattresses depending on their experiences, not to mention, customer remarks on what their experience has been with a particular mattress.

Reading reviews from other customers cannot be the sole reason you consider a mattress better than others, but it gives you a starting point on what to look for once you are at the store. If the company or brand offered them excellent customer service, then you can consider buying a type of mattress from such a brand.

Consider mattresses from local manufacturers

Majority of people get caught up in outlandish sales, under the notion that good deals and quality products cannot be local.

Furthest from the truth, if you gave the local manufacturers a chance, you may land yourself a better mattress than one from outlandish sales, and at a relatively lower price. The goal is to focus on quality from the local market. Further, locally manufactured mattresses give you a better return policy, and you can count on their customer services.

Master lessons from your old mattress

You must have been using another mattress before deciding to buy a new one, and whether you are abandoning it due to wear and tear or for the need to revamp your bedroom, there are valuable lessons you can draw from that mattress.

First, consider the softness or firmness of your old mattress regarding how much comfort it has offered you over the years, and how quick the comfort deteriorated. Consider also the cover of the mattress, whether it was stain resistant, rips or divots.

Take your mattress for a test drive

You can only be particularly sure that you have made a wise choice after you have tested the mattress. While at the store, take up to 15 minutes to check the mattress in different positions, and inquire from the salesperson on anything you feel concerns you.

Further, you can capitalise on the trial periods that some mattresses have. On this period, as long as you stick by the terms and conditions, you should get a definite feel of what your experience will be in the use of that mattress. If not, you can ask for a change, with specifications on which parts did not please you, then you can get a better option.

There you have it; this is the ultimate guide to securing the perfect type of mattress for your needs.

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