How the U.S.-China Trade War Affects Natural Stone Countertop Costs

How the U.S.-China Trade War Affects Natural Stone Countertop Costs
How the U.S.-China Trade War Affects Natural Stone Countertop Costs

In these present-day societies, going green has been the primary focus for the benefit of the environment as well as money-saving. One of the most significant things to put into consideration when building or renovating a home is the lasting effect, particularly materials used for the environment. Some homes currently are taking the bold step into going green completely with, geothermal air conditioning, environmentally friendly insulation, solar panels, and so on, but not all builders know that natural stone is a fantastic material to make the home green.

With just about a year left to the next presidential race, various economic practitioners have been placing focus on the trade war between China and the U.S. The effect of the trade war in America is quite huge, while everyone can think of the changes the next government administration will bring to put an end the trade war.

However, the trade war, which involves strict tariffs been imposed, has a severe effect on the natural stone market. If you have an intention to install a natural stone countertop for either your kitchen or bathroom, you must follow the events of the trade war and also its effects on the prices. As a homeowner, you have to be current with the new changes in costs, thereby working with the right budget estimate.

Nonetheless, you need to understand the importance of china’s natural stone market for homeowners the America and the benefits it offers them.

What is natural stone countertop?

The name, natural stone is referred to as a variety of mountain born mineral substances that stand in contrast to any manufactured or synthetic stone products. This characteristic natural stone for flooring includes marble, slate, travertine, limestone, granite, and sandstone also, each of which has different properties slightly.

Marble, Jerusalem, and soapstone are just some of the natural stones that are used for kitchen countertops. Moreover, baker’s likes to knead the dough on cold marble, while designers recommend that it should be used sparingly as a countertop material because of its soft nature, stains easily as well as chips. Soapstone hardly cracks unlike other stones, but it will get dent if it gets hit with something hard. The cuts give it a used, stressed look which some individual like. It comes in various colors while giving the room a soft, warm feel. The Jerusalem stone which looks like limestone has the durability as granite.

Effects of the Trade War on Natural Stone Prices

A section of the natural stone presently goes for an average price between 25 to 1,200 dollars per square foot. The war between the two countries has led to a rise in the number of natural stones.

Marble is a typical high-end natural stone that could be affected strongly by the trade war. The price exceeds 100 dollars per square foot, which means one will likely spend between 1,500 to 3,000 dollars to install a fresh marble countertop in your kitchen at a website like Nevertheless, the price of natural stones is probably to rise, so you should renovate your home as soon as possible before the price gets unbearable.

Another popular natural stones are granite. As a result of this; the trade war has a severe effect on the price of granite immensely. Granite countertops go for about 35 dollars per square foot when installed. However, the price moves to exceed 100 dollars per square foot for rare versions of the stone. With the ongoing of the trade war resurgence, the granite value is expected to rise to 200 dollars by the year 2020. The level at which it rises determines the outcome of the trade negotiations between the two countries.

Quartz is a natural stone whose price could be affected by the trade war between the United States and China. This magnificent natural stone has a price that is already high between 60 dollars to 100 dollars per square foot and as the trade war is on the amount may likely not be acceptable soon, then the usage of quartz countertops will be reduced.

Currently, with the price being between 70 to 200 dollars per square foot, Limestone cannot withstand to be more expensive. This is what might happen with the trade war resurgence. It will probably put to an end the limestone countertops usage, which will be a setback to homeowners and home renovation.

Trade War a Summary

Early in 2019, the government of the United States declared its intentions to enact a series of charges on more than 200 million dollars of goods from China. This was believed to be in response to the government of Chinese bringing in subsidy to the production of goods serving virtually 6,000 product sections. The American government tariff has affected a wide range of products, which include all the natural stones. One of the highest taxes received is granite, with various home renovation professionals wondering how much it was going to cost to carry out a home renovation.


There is a big reason why most economical professional enthusiasts have recently been focusing on the trade war between China and America. It has a substantial negative impact on the economy so also the prices of goods and commodities. A good example is an increase in the cost of natural stones, which has made it more expensive for homeowners to upgrade their homes.