How classic art looks great in modern homes (Picasso, Dali, Van Gogh, Monet)

How classic art looks great in modern homes (Picasso, Dali, Van Gogh, Monet)
How classic art looks great in modern homes. Image source: Pixalot

Many hesitate to mix classic art and modern furnishings out of fear of upsetting the balance. However, there doesn’t have to be a contrast between a contemporary space and classic works of art.

In fact, classic art can bring new vitality and purpose within that modern setting. A great design requires the use of exquisite materials and meticulous attention to detail. A work of traditional art may really spark the imagination when it is positioned and placed in a modern setting. Here, we show you how.

Focus on placement

Classic art can breathe fresh life into a modern interior. When a classic work of art is presented in a modern setting, it has the power to inspire. Because art has a history and a trajectory, it can be fascinating to compare and contrast works from different eras. The importance of appreciating and comprehending classical works is undeniable.

Rooms comprised entirely of contemporary decor might come off as clinical and devoid of personality. Classic art is therefore a great way to infuse a contemporary setting with character, context, and aesthetic intrigue.

Think about the many cultures and time periods from which you can draw inspiration, as well as the conventional mediums of painting, drawing, and sculpture.

Whether it’s a gilt-framed painting serving as the focal point of a contemporary room or a piece of tribal art serving as an accent, a touch of tradition can do wonders for a modern home.

Mix classic and contemporary art

Popular modern trends like Grandmillennial interior design and floral art prints draw inspiration from the past and are given a contemporary spin in traditional paintings and wall art.

Traditional interior design incorporates a wide variety of art mediums, including photographs, oil paintings, and watercolours on prints and stretched canvases, to reflect the centuries of art history and iconic art movements it celebrates.

Scenery, idyllic landscapes, vignettes, still life, portraiture, the classical and realist traditions, and other genres and styles are included in this genre, and become more interesting when juxtaposed against modern art pieces.

Consider your décor elements

Paintings from the past are not limited to museum walls. When they are taken out of their original context and applied to modern settings, beautiful things can happen.

The dusty old face peering out of the ornate frame seems to be given new life. Add a vintage painting that will force people out of their comfort zones and create a harmonious blend of old and new.

This contrast can be lent even greater impact when considering your décor elements around the classic art piece. A rich Monet can bring to life the tranquillity of nature in a minimalistic space, enlivening the area without detracting from its overall peace.

A thought-provoking Van Gogh in a clean-lined bedroom can bring home the essence of the artist’s focus on the beauty of small things, while Picasso’s cubist dreams can make a glass-bound entrance-hall exciting and unique.