Durable and versatile LVT flooring breathes new life into homes

Durable and versatile LVT flooring breathes new life into homes

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVTs) has been one of the fastest-growing floor coverings since 2013 and has become a popular option for homeowners wanting to breathe new life into their homes in a cost-effective manner. LVT’s are durable and versatile products that are easy-to-clean, waterproof and scratch-resistant, making it ideal for families with pets or small children, damp environments in the home like bathrooms or areas with heavy foot traffic.

What is LVT flooring?

LVT flooring is a tile created by fusing several layers together, including PVC vinyl, under extreme heat and pressure. What makes these vinyl tiles luxury is the fact that they are designed to look and feel like natural materials like wood and stone, giving your home a more elevated look without the massive price tag. LVTs are versatile and boast a wide range of uses and features, so it comes as no surprise that LVT flooring is big decor news around the world, with locally available flooring brands like Amtico & mFlor from Evalution Flooring offering many options for homeowners wanting to make a move to LVT flooring.

What makes glue down LVT flooring even more trendy is the innovation, research and development that exists in the market, with 3D printing technology being used to replicate the look and feel of more expensive flooring types like marble and wood. It is a flexible and affordable option for homeowners looking to redecorate or redesign their home’s interior with the latest trends. Unlike other types of flooring, glue down LVTs can be lifted relatively easily and replaced without much time, effort or mess.

The benefits of LVTs

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, there are plenty of reasons to choose LVTs for your home or office flooring needs.

Cost-effective – If you had your heart set on wooden floors, LVTs provide a more affordable option. If you consider the cost of real natural materials like marble and wood, it is a really exciting prospect to be able to install LVTs that look and feel exactly like its pricier alternatives. There is also no need for further maintenance like sanding and sealing with LVTs after installation.

Environmentally friendly – Evalution’s Amtico and mFlor ranges are officially the first and currently the only GreenTag Certified luxury vinyl tiles in South Africa. This makes Evalution the supplier of choice for consumers or companies looking to go green and do their part to save the planet. Evalution also has an initiative where offcuts are returned from site by the contractor and, depending on where they are in the country, these can be processed into Eco Blocks. The plan is to set this up all around South Africa.

Comfort – Unlike its wood or stone counterparts, LVT floors are comfortable and warm underfoot during the cold and warm months of the year. Additionally, this type of flooring assists with muting louder sounds, which is particularly good for families with children or pets running around while objects falling on the floor suffer less damage. Its insulation properties also mean homes using LVTs stay warmer in winter compared to standard porcelain and ceramic tiles.

Myriad of design and style options – LVTs are available in a host of design and style options to suit any space or preferences. Larger sized LVTs have been making quite a splash on the market recently, as larger sizes allow you to mix and match with other sizes to create a truly inspiring personal space unique to your preferences and requirements.

Easy and convenient installation – LVTs are water-resistant and perfect for areas that have damp environments, like the bathroom. Lifting LVT is also more time-efficient than other types of flooring, and the cost involved in replacing damaged tiles is significantly less than stone or wood.

Durable and versatile – LVTs are durable, scratch and water-resistant and do not fade, especially in areas with heavy foot traffic, provided you select the correct wear layer for your area, which is 0.3mm for residential and light commercial traffic and 0.55mm for commercial and heavy traffic areas. LVTs are resistant to scuffing and scratching and are also water-proof, preventing wear and tear even when exposed to ongoing moisture. It needs to be noted the correct adhesive must be used in areas with constant high moisture content. It is also easy-to-clean as it requires no maintenance, harsh chemicals or special treatments. Evalution prefers to use a biodegradable cleaning product, which can be obtained from them directly.

Installing LVTs

Before installing LVTs, you must evaluate the space before choosing the right tile size. While larger tiles are beautiful and more popular, it won’t always be the most practical solution for smaller spaces. While LVTs are known for being more DIY-friendly than other flooring options, it is still advised to hire a professional to do the installation for you. If glue down luxury vinyl tile flooring looks to be a good option for you, Evalution’s GreenTag Amtico and mFlor ranges are a great alternative to the conventional porcelain and ceramic tiles.