Don’t Forget These Things When Moving Abroad

Don’t Forget These Things When Moving Abroad
Don't Forget These Things When Moving Abroad. Image source: Pixabay

Moving abroad can be a big adventure. A person will get to see all the new sights, have new experiences, and experience new cultures. Moving abroad is exciting but there is a lot of work that goes into the move. A person can move their entire life to a new place. There are some tips to help a person making moving abroad as smooth as possible and to help make sure they get everything covered before making the move.


Packing needs to be done with precision. A person needs to know what types of items they are allowed to bring into a new country. They will need to make sure everything is documented and meets all the rules and regulations for the move.

Packing Electronics

While many people want to bring their electronic devices even computers and other technology with them, it is best to leave most of these items behind. If the electronic device has a dual voltage or other compatibilities with foreign outlets it will not work in the new country. Even with an adapter, it will not perform as intended. Essential items can be packed with the adapter but they will not last too long. Hairdryers, electric razors, and other non-essentials should not be packed. Most smartphone chargers will work in many different types of outlets so it is okay to bring them along.


There are some medications that a person needs to stay healthy. It can take some time getting a new doctor in a different country and finding out if there are health insurance benefits that would be available. A person should meet with their current doctor and see if they can get a couple of months’ worth of their medication to bring with them. All of the medication will need to be sealed and labeled. They need to be in their original container and a note from the doctor may be needed.


A person needs to safeguard this paper when they are moving. They should make a copy of them. One copy can be packed away and other essential information should be kept on their person in a carry-on bag. If a person is really worried about their documents they can scan then and store them in secure cloud storage. Some essential information to bring along includes medical records, immunization records, passports, driver’s licenses, birth certificates, social security cards, the number for the embassy in the new country, employment contracts, health insurance cards, marriage records, and similar documents. A person should always have more information to vary their identity than not enough information.

Change of Address

A person needs to complete a US mail change of address form and write in their new address so their mail can be sent to them. They should also change the address with their banks, credit cards, and other important agencies. They should also inform their financial institutions of the move so they are not suspected of fraudulent charges in their new location. The change of address should be on file to make sure a person gets all of their important documents while they are switching their information over to their new country.

Cell Phone

The majority of people have their cell phones as their main line of communication. Before moving a person needs to see if they have international coverage. If they do not the phone may not get service or they may have an outrageously high bill. They should contact their cell phone provider and check their coverage. A person may need to add an international plan to their phone while they are getting set up. Eventually, they may need to change plans so they can use their phones in their new country of residence.

Storing Belongings

A person needs to go through all of their items and figure out what they are going to keep and what they could part with. If they are going to be living abroad for the long term they need to sell or donate some of the items they are not going to bring along. If a person wants to keep some items until they can be shipped over they should look for a storage facility. There are many storage facilities located in just about every town. A person should not wait until the last minute to sort through all of their items and decide if they are going to be stored or parted with. Most storage units are climate controlled. The fees for these units will vary based on size and any additional features that they offer.

Finding International Movers

It is important to research and find a good international moving company. This company should provide top service and rates that are affordable. They should have a strong reputation when it comes to moving internationally. Some of the moving companies will help a person properly pack up their home and make sure everything is securely wrapped and boxed so it will not break. They will remove these items and will make sure that they get to the new location. A person should keep in mind these services can take a lot of time. They may not get all of their belongings for several weeks. It may be less expensive to purchase some items in the new location. It may cost more to ship a couch then to purchase a new one abroad.


A person will not learn the new driving law in one day. They should begin to look at the public transportation services in their new location so they can get around until they learn the area. Companies such as Uber have drivers all over the world. A person should look at what they need to do to get a drivers’ license and the rules of the road in their new home.

These are some of the things that a person needs to handle when they are moving abroad. a US mail change of address is essential to remember before moving. A person needs to make sure they are packed and ready to go. There is a lot of paperwork and information that will be changed over. If a person stays organized and plans well in advance, they will be able to enjoy the experience of moving abroad.