Domestic Water Pumps in Kenya

Domestic Water Pumps in Kenya
Domestic Water Pumps

Domestic  water pumps are a series of pumps that are used in the households  and residentials but also have a wide application in the irrigation sectors. Domestic water pumps are mainly portable  pumps, whose main job is to lift water up from underground tanks, shallow and deep wells. They are also inexpensive pumps compared with other pump types.

Types Domestic Water Pumps in Kenya

  1. Centrifugal Booster Pumps. They are mainly used to supply water to tall buildings and up the tank from shallow wells or underground tanks. They are popular because they maintain equal pressure and their priming is usually not difficult. Booster pumps are also very affordable.
  2. Submersible Water Pumps. These are pumps that are completely immersed in water to pump water up. These pumps are mainly used in wells, underground tanks or deep wells.
  3. Portable petrol or diesel pumps. Mainly for drawing large volumes of water

How to select domestic water pumps

  1. Identify the pump type you would wish to purchase, either booster pump, submersible pump or surface pump
  2. Check on the pump specification. The main item to check here are the
  • pump flow rate in m3 or liters per m. Flow rate indicates the amount of water discharged within a certain duration of time. A range of 100-200L per minute is sufficient for a household.
  • This is the vertical height that the pump can comfortably pump water.
  • Pump power. This is measured in kW or HP
  1. Warranty. Always buy a pump with a warranty

Features of good domestic water pumps

  1. Simple to install and commission
  2. Should be portable
  3. Must be long lasting

Domestic water pump prices in Kenya.

The price of domestic water pumps depend on the specs and manufacturer. However, most of them range between Kes. 5,000 to Kes. 40,000