Creative Storage Ideas for Organizing the Home

Creative Storage Ideas for Organizing the Home.
Creative Storage Ideas for Organizing the Home. Image source: Pexels

The average South African spends 5.22 percent of their yearly income on furnishings, household equipment and maintenance, according to statistics by South Africa’s Living Conditions Survey (LCS). While it’s important to be organized around the home, investing more than just money is often needed in order to be creative with storage space and eliminate any potential headaches from clutter lying around. If you’ve found ways to get rid of junk but are still looking for solutions what to do with the leftover items, then here’s some inspiration to help keep a home tidy and organized.

Get big on space

One of the tricks to utilize extra organization in any home is to maximize small areas to make big spaces and decluttering will help you find extra room for any items worth keeping. For example, think about placing shelves under the stairs or better still, using the space as an office area to retreat to away from the rest of the house. If there’s an outdoor space that needs rearranging, consider building a garden storage shed to keep tools, planting materials and any other gardener’s supplies safe and tidy. Adapting outdoor benches that have lift up seats will also solve any storage problems for backyard items such as kid’s toys and playthings.

Go small on storage

There’s nothing worse than wasting time rooting through kitchen cupboards to find what you want. An alternative to this is to transform small areas into shallow wall shelving so everything can be seen and used when they’re needed. Many people overlook using the space in bathrooms but building a small closet or shelving unit in tiny spaces can free up places for toiletries, towels and other bathroom supplies. Additionally, consider putting metal baskets on the back of cupboard doors to make use of every bit of space inside.

Get creative on space

Once the decluttering of unwanted items has been achieved, it’s a question of knowing what to do with it all and repurposing old crates, glass jars or shoe boxes can help to solve any storage problems. Upcycling to recreate something unique is not only about helping to save unwanted waste from the landfill but also about inventing ways to find a new lease of life for old things. Repurposing items for storage use can also save money while hiding things away with style.

These are just a few ideas that can contribute towards making any room tidy and clutter-free without it being an overwhelming task to organize your home in a creative way.

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