Cost of Vinyl Windows: What Each Window Style Costs

Cost of Vinyl Windows: What Each Window Style Costs
Cost of Vinyl Windows: What Each Window Style Costs. Image source: Pixabay

Vinyl windows are the ultimate alternative to wooden ones. Their simplicity, affordability, and aesthetics are some of the things that make homeowners prefer them. Although vinyl windows have not been in the market for long, their popularity is gaining momentum. They are energy-efficient and come in different shapes and sizes and understanding the cost of vinyl windows helps you make the right decision when shopping.

These windows are cheap and mostly cost depending on the style and size of each. Customization options are available too. However, if you choose this option, you should understand that the cost of vinyl windows is more than the standard option. Standard vinyl windows cost between $400 and $800.

  1. Single-Hung Windows

These are common to modern homeowners. They are also called sash windows. These windows have a fixed top to allow their operation to take place from the bottom. If you go for a standard single-hung window, it will cost you approximately $100-$400 per unit.

If you are not doing the project as a DIY, you can spend $200-$600 on a professional contractor. This estimate is when charged at an hourly rate of $60.

  1. Decorative Vinyl Windows

As their name suggests, these are mostly used for decorative purposes. They allow the homeowners to express their creativity using different shapes and designs than the usual. You can use any odd shape such as octagon, triangle, with additional features such as texture, color, and glass glazing.

Decorative vinyl windows replacement cost ranges from $150-$1000. Other than the window frame, you can also choose a color for the glass, which can attract an additional cost of $50-$150. The average installation fee for these units is $800.

  1. Vinyl Awning Window

These are commonly used in areas that need lots of ventilation. Ideally, you should use them in places with high humidity throughout, such as basements, kitchens, and shower rooms. Awning windows are top hinged, and you open them from the bottom.

They fling outwards, making it unnecessary to close them even when it is raining. Each window costs approximately $225-$795. For more efficiency, awning windows are paired with fixed windows of a bigger size to allow in light.

Installers charge between $40 and $50 per hour to install each awning window. On average, $125-$225 is spent on each window.

  1. Double-Hung Window

Double-hung and single-hung windows can be mistaken from far. The two are similar, and their difference is found in how each is operated. While single hung-windows can only be operated from the bottom, double-hung windows can be operated from top and bottom. Their operation makes them preferable if you are concerned about ventilating your home naturally.

The cost of purchasing a double-hung window ranges from $150-$650 per unit. The average cost of vinyl windows for a home with 8 windows is $3000.

A professional contractor will charge you $40-50 per hour. When considering a fixed charge, each window is installed for $100-$250.

  1. Picture Vinyl Window

These windows cannot be operated. They are installed for their aesthetics, lighting, and viewing purposes. Picture vinyl windows are cheap and have a price range of $200-$1,500. Of course, factors such as design, size, and customization affect their prices.

Contractors charge $125-$400 for installing these windows. The price can also be a bit higher than this range.

  1. Vinyl Windows Glass
  1. Single-Pane Vinyl Windows

It is the cheapest vinyl window glass. Single-pane windows are not suitable for homeowners that are cautious about energy-efficiency. You can get them in different colors, styles, and treatments. They cost from $100-$400.

  1. Double-Pane Vinyl Windows

These are energy-efficient and have two panes used in making them. An inert gas is used to prevent heat transfer. They cost between $150 and $600.

  1. Spectrally Selective Coating Glass

A special coating or tint is used on these windows to provide a comfortable and homely environment. These glasses block 40-70% of heat from getting inside your home. Manufacturers sell them from $350-$850.

  1. Cost to Install Vinyl Windows

Most installers prefer charging fixed rates. Experienced ones spend an average of 35 minutes per window and generally charge $135 for fixing each. However, if you are changing multiple windows, you can enjoy a discounted rate.

In conclusion vinyl windows replacement cost is dictated by many aspects, the main being the window style.

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