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Ceiling and Partition Suppliers
Ceiling and Partition Suppliers

A winning ceiling design supports functional needs while being aesthetically beautiful. Get tips from South Africa’s leading ceiling and partition suppliers!

Dropped ceilings and partitions can be any design you want – from simple to fantastical. A winning ceiling design will create a beautiful ceiling that supports the functional needs of the room. Here are some tips for getting it right from South Africa’s leading ceiling and partition suppliers – Capco.

Ceiling Design Tips From Ceiling And Partition Suppliers – Functional

Dropped ceilings have soared in popularity mainly because of their functional elements, not their aesthetic offering. They are the best solution for concealing wires, cables, ducts, and light fittings while providing insulation and fire ratings. Work through this checklist to help you achieve the best design.

Height test – This is a vital first step. Measure the height from floor to ceiling slab level in every room. Ensure there is enough height to install a dropped ceiling without making the room feel like a cave. Ideal minimum heights are 2.75m to the underside of the ceiling, but you might be able to get away with 2.5m before claustrophobic effects start.

Pre-plan – Plan out your functional, ambient and decorative lighting layout and needs in advance. This will influence your ceiling design. Also, plan where you will install partitions, screens or false walls for privacy, creating 3D depth or décor reasons. This heavily influences your ceiling design. Plan all your wiring, AC ducts, copper piping etc., to run through the dropped ceiling as well. This must be done upfront and verified with the different trades.

Heavy items – Ceiling boards and partitions cannot carry significant weights like chandeliers or live loads from fans. It is recommended that a solid timber fixing base is created on the slab above the plasterboards at the points it is needed.

Insulation – Plasterboards and an air gap will create insulation, but you can amplify the insulation by adding thermal blankets or cellulose layers. The difference is tangible.>

Ceiling Design Tips From Ceiling And Partition Suppliers – Design

Busy or simple decision – If your space is small, keep the ceiling simple with straight lines, minimal layering and avoid mouldings. If you have the luxury of a large space, you can choose multi-layered ceilings, stepped bulkheads, unique shapes, intricate mouldings, texture combinations and different finishes to create a sense of drama.

Border – If step one revealed a restrictive height, your compromise would be to run a bulkhead along the perimeter of the walls. You get style and functionality without eating up the main height of the room. You can create attractive mood lighting using this bulkhead.

Finally, it is important to have fun with your interior. Yes, there are trends, but you are living in your home, not a magazine audience. Do what makes you happy!

For the best advice and products, call South Africa’s leading ceiling and partition suppliers, Capco!

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