Braai the Beloved Country

Braai the Beloved Country
Andre “Tjoopie” Groenewald

Andre “Tjoopie” Groenewald offer 6 tips to get your Braai-Master garden ready for Heritage Day

South Africans like to argue about almost everything. We do it about politics and most of us are particularly passionate about our favourite sport. But there are two things that South Africans everywhere seldom disagree with: loadshedding is the pits and when it’s weekend, it’s time for a lekker braai.

According to Andre “Tjoopie” Groenewald, Husqvarna Ambassador, co-founder of Farm Space and a boertjie to his boots, we all get fired up about braaing because it’s what makes us South African.

“Yoh, any time is a good time to meet around the braai for a braaibroodjie, tjop and a dop. Life just doesn’t get better than when you are next to the fire, surrounded by buddies with shisa nyama sizzling on the grid,” says Andre. “It’s the type of jol that takes the sting out of the petrol prices and Marika Koroibete.”

South Africans love braaing so much so that we’ve dedicated a whole day to this national pastime. But, before you tackle the tongs and take your place as the Braai Master on Heritage Day, there’s some housekeeping to take care of. Top of the list is seeing to it that your garden is braai-ready, so here are Andre’s top tips to ensure that even the toughest mother-in-law will be impressed on the 24th September:

1. Lawn in Order

Finding mow-tivation on a hot Spring morning can be tough. You can take your lawnmower in hand and walk up and down endlessly, emptying load after load of grass onto your compost heap; or you can be smart like my fellow Ambassador, Tendai “The Beast” Mtawarira, and dust off your Husqvarna automower and sit on your stoep and watch while all the work is done for you!

2. Cut back branches

When you need to trim tree branches it’s a great excuse to get your chainsaw out of the garage. There’s nothing like the off-the-charts sound of a chainsaw to make you feel like one of the manne! If you haven’t got a chainsaw, ask one of your friends for theirs, or you can even rent a Husqvarna Chainsaw from your local Tallisman Hire for a day. If you are trimming any indigenous trees such as Rooikraans or Doringhout, you can save the wood for the braai as it will give you a long, slow burn, ensuring meat that is cooked through but still moist.

3. Trim Edges

If you are into power tools with decibels, your next tool of choice is your brushcutter. They are great for clearing high grass, weeds, thorny shrubs, and overgrown hedges. These machines are so versatile that they can even be used to trim the edges of your flower beds.

4. Leaf me Alone

It’s been a long, cold winter and you probably can’t see your lawn for leaves. To get that manicured look, there’s nothing more effective (or faster) than Husqvarna’s range of leaf blowers. Simply fuel up and clean up but remember not to do it too early in the morning or Elsie from next door will have something else to complain about.

5. Under Pressure

And finally, it comes to one of my favourite tools, the Pressure Washer. There’s just something so satisfying about blasting the dirt from your stoep, your driveway, even your garage door – heck, anything you want (even Elsie if she gets in the way)!

Your Husqvarna power tools will be your best friend to prep for Heritage Day because they’ll help you cut down on the time that’s needed to ensure your garden looks perfect, so you can focus on your braai. Then it’s only a matter of time before you achieve Braai Nirvana, and your tastebuds are singing N’kosi Sikelel’ iAfrika.

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