AXOR’s Bathroom Revolution: Luxury Meets Innovation in South Africa

AXOR’s Bathroom Revolution: Luxury Meets Innovation in South Africa
AXOR ShowerSelect ID


Heading for South Africa

Recently, at the prestigious Salone del Mobile in Milan, AXOR unveiled its newest breakthroughs in bathroom aesthetics—the AXOR Citterio C collection and the AXOR ShowerSelect ID thermostat program. These innovations are now making their eagerly awaited debut in South Africa, promising to elevate bathroom designs with their unique blend of elegance and functionality.

AXOR Citterio C: A New Era of Bathroom Luxury in South Africa

The AXOR Citterio C collection introduces a reimagined approach to bathroom fixtures, specifically designed for modern, compact spaces that do not compromise on luxury. With its slender, elegant profiles and soft, inviting contours, the collection offers an intriguing and comforting tactile experience. Every aspect of the faucet, from the sensuous form to the precise chamfer that encircles the outlet and lever handle, exemplifies AXOR’s commitment to excellence. South African homeowners looking for customisation will appreciate the collection’s various handles, available in cubic cut patterns and other textures through AXOR Signature, alongside the extensive AXOR FinishPlus surface options.

Antonio Citterio, the designer behind the collection, emphasised its relevance for urban living: “The need for a design that speaks to comfort, individuality, and efficient use of space is more pressing than ever, especially in luxury urban settings. AXOR Citterio C is crafted to meet these demands, promising longevity and adaptability.”

AXOR ShowerSelect ID: Personalized Shower Experience Coming to South Africa

The launch of the AXOR ShowerSelect ID marks a significant advancement in shower technology. This innovative thermostatic mixer, developed with PHOENIX, features an ultra-slim profile that enhances any modern bathroom without clutter. Its central dial and surrounding paddles, equipped with Select technology, allow for effortless control over water flow and temperature, catering to individual preferences for a tailored shower experience. The design is complemented by a variety of finish and material options, including luxurious marbles and metals, ensuring that each installation can be personalised to the user’s aesthetic and functional desires.

Matthias Oesterle of PHOENIX highlights the system’s appeal: “With AXOR ShowerSelect ID, we’ve merged minimalist design with maximum functionality, allowing each user to define their own perfect shower settings.”

Anticipating the Arrival

As these collections prepare to launch at the end of the year in South Africa, AXOR is excited to bring its trademark blend of innovative design and impeccable quality to the country. The AXOR Citterio C and AXOR ShowerSelect ID are not just additions to the market; they are transformative elements that will redefine luxury bathrooms nationwide.


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