AXOR Signature and FinishPlus – Express your personal flair

AXOR Signature and FinishPlus – Express your personal flair
AXOR Signature and FinishPlus_Express your personal flair

Johannesburg, 26 October 2020: AXOR has raised the bar in personalised bathroom design. With their decadent Signature creations, you can set your creative spirit free and make the space entirely yours through the ultimate in customised design. Top off your personal vision with hansgrohe’s FinishPlus – surface colours and textures to complement your aesthetic of choice.

Sign your name with Signature

With AXOR Signature, you have the choice to customise your product dimensions, make specific modifications and add custom inscriptions or labels. Inscribe your mixer or shower with a label in the language of your choice and add your logo or monogram.

You can also maximise comfort with custom dimensions and alterations. Whether you need your fitting longer, shorter, stretched or snug; lengthen or shorten as you like. Pick the perfect distance from wall to spout or from showerhead to roof. Make your choices, your way, with AXOR Signature. Dress your handles decadently in Swarovski crystal and have your design requests personally reviewed by the AXOR team. When your design ideas are approved, your dream fittings are tailor-made by hand in the Black Forest in southern Germany.

hansgrohe’s FinishPlus – personal style comes to life

hansgrohe’s Finishplus choices, in five variations of surface design, are adding to the universal appeal of two of its most popular mixer ranges. Get any product from the luxurious Talis® E range in five incredible finishes. Matt black and white embody the perfect contrast; the Yin and Yang. These two matt colour choices perfectly complement each other like the two sides to every soul.

Brushed black chrome is sleek and smooth, while brushed bronze stands out with a hint of subtle retro style. The polished gold optic finish is opulence by definition. It speaks to the ostentatious spirit, making a simple sink undeniably avant-garde.

With AXOR and hansgrohe on your interior design menu, customised perfection comes to life in the most intimate spaces in your home, brightening up your life with form and faultless function.

AXOR. Form follows perfection!

*Please note: This is the AXOR global website and not all featured products are available in South Africa. Please visit your nearest retailer to find out more about the AXOR range that is available locally.

About AXOR

AXOR develops, constructs and produces taps, showerheads and accessories for luxurious bathrooms and kitchens to perfection. At the highest aesthetic and technological levels, avantgarde, one-of-a-kind pieces and collections are created. Some of them are considered classics of bathroom design to this day. Collectively they embody the claim “Form Follows Perfection”: not ending the developmental process until nothing more can be added or removed. Pace-setting design objects have been developed with this recipe for more than twenty years with world-renowned designers, among them Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio, Jean-Marie Massaud and Patricia Urquiola. AXOR is a brand of the Hansgrohe Group.