A White Kitchen Makeover with Smart Storage

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All of us want to provide our kitchen with a great makeover in different ways. We hire interior designers and artists to revamp the aesthetics and sophistication to our kitchen.

Be it small or big, adding more beauty and elements to the kitchen always elevates the overall quality and premium of the entire house. At the same time, apart from providing your kitchen with a makeover, you also need to think about utilizing the available space for more storage.

Many times, we neglect a lot of areas in the kitchen, which would otherwise be used for excellent storage facilities. Take for example, Designer Olivia Botrie who has wonderfully designed a kitchen in pure white, and at the same time added a lot of depth to storage units as well. In today’s blog we will discuss with you about a white makeover to your kitchen and how to bring smart storage options as well. You can check the rotimatic roti maker reviews and find out how amazing this wonderful device is.

Why provide your kitchen with white makeover?

White is the colour of peace, innocence, goodness and purity of the highest level. Adding shades of white adds more aesthetics and sophistication to your entire kitchen. White is a happy colour and fills your eyes with joy whenever you see a room designed in it. White kitchens always stand the test of time and never go out of style in the long run. When you use white in your kitchen, it helps to evoke a feeling of positivity and calmness throughout. The colour white also instills an emotional impact which a lot of kitchen fails to do. White goes well with other colours as well and you can choose to contrast it with something else also.

Painting your kitchen white is the best way to make the area look more spacious and organized. White is clean and fresh, which are the two main principles that should be associated to a kitchen. White walls, countertops, island and cabinets reflect the natural light in the most efficient way. There are different shades of white – chalk white, milk white, antique white, flat and glossy whites, etc. Choose the right set of white shade and provide a imposing makeover to the kitchen.

How to implement smart storage options?

Now that you know why the white makeover is a great way to make your kitchen a grand place to be in, check out these fantastic storage options which will make your kitchen even smarter –

  • Use a pot rack above in order to store all of your pots and pans easily. This will also allow you to free up the space around the main kitchen countertop, for storing other essential accessories.
  • You can install an open shelf around the kitchen perimeter around a foot or two below the ceiling. Why? This will give you an extra benefit of space to store lighter accessories like small plates, baskets or other silverware.
  • Use Lazy Susan style drawers in order to make full use of the space available around the kitchen corners. These drawers can come out completely and you will be able to use them for extra space and added depth to the storage.
  • Use the top of the kitchen cabinets to store heavy items and those accessories which you do not require frequently. Put them in a box and shelve them at the top. They will remain there without occupying any main space and whenever you need them just bring them down.
  • Think of using an industrial shelf in one section of the kitchen. Hang a shelf on one of the walls and you will see that you have a lot of space now, available for storing your jars, ingredient box, tools and variety of other elements without any lack of space in the main kitchen area.
  • Use hooks below cabinets in order to hang cups and other crockery items. This will save space inside the cabinets and when you hang them, they also look really aesthetic and classy in every way.dough-943245_1280.jpg

So, these are the best ways in which you will be able to maximize the amount of space available in your kitchen. Make sure to check our full blog and give your kitchen a white makeover with smart storage options. Also, check out the Rotimatic Reviews and make your kitchen an even smarter place where you can make rotis within a few minutes at the push of a button.