8 Useful Generator Accessories One Should Know About

8 Useful Generator Accessories One Should Know About
8 Useful Generator Accessories One Should Know About

Generators can’t power up properly without the right accessories! Make sure that you get your money’s worth and invest in the correct devices your generator will need for its safety and your convenience.

Eight Useful Generator Accessories

Whether you have a standby generator like Honda or portable one from different brands, these are the top eight accessories you should invest in:

  1. Power Cord and Battery Charger

The first thing you need is a high-quality power cord to deliver electricity properly. You determine the cord’s power for energy delivery based on amp specifications, which should match your generator outlet’s needs.

Besides this, you also need to invest in generator battery chargers, which will charge the battery quickly and quietly for power anytime. This is crucial as your battery may run out and you won’t be able to start it if your electricity gets cut off! When selecting one, consider your charger’s output, the way you’ll mount it, as well as other safety features.

  1. Automatic Transfer Switch

This accessory will prompt your generator to switch on automatically if it loses power from the main grid. The switch will turn off the electricity supply, switching to generator power. Once the power is restored from the grid, then the system will shut off the generator, switching back to your power grid.

This accessory will help prevent downtime, making it easier to deal with any power outages. These are used on standby generators, with portable generators usually not having this accessory!

  1. Mufflers

We all know how loud generators can be since they have a combustion engine. That’s why generators come with mufflers to exhaust fumes, limiting engine noises. However, it’s best that you invest in a separate muffler that’s bound to do better than the stock muffler that came with the package.

There are different mufflers that offer various levels of sound reduction. New and more advanced ones have better noise-reduction abilities, and as long as it fits, you can add them to your generator easily.

  1. Protective Cover

Standby generators are typically stored in your garage or outside your homes. The same goes for portable generators, which are used for outdoor activities or RV living. Because of this, they are more likely to get damaged, as they are exposed to various weather conditions.

That’s why you need a high-quality protective cover made with weatherproof materials. It should also be waterproof and keep your generator away from any dust, dirt, rain, liquids, pollen, rust, among other environmental pollutants. It will keep the generator dry and ensure it can perform no matter what the weather and temperature is.

  1. The Right Kits

There are three kinds of kits you should consider investing in:

  • Maintenance Kits are a must-have for regular servicing and scheduled maintenance checks. This will ensure that your generator will continue to work properly and won’t come across any major and costly issues. The kit should include air filters, oil, oil filters, spark plugs, chamois cloths, pre-cleaners, funnels, and a feeler gauge.
  • Cold Weather Kits are necessary for those who live in colder weather, as a way to start and protect batteries and oil. It includes a battery warmer and an oil heater to extend your generator’s life.
  • Wheel Kits are convenient accessories used for portable generators. This will make it easy to move your generator as required, rather than carrying it to campgrounds the entire time.
  1. Automatic Voltage Regulators

These are known as AVRs, which are vital for those who have sensitive appliances to power up using the generator. AVRs maintain the generator voltage at stabler rates.

These generator accessories are usually included with diesel generators, maintain constant voltages through power conditioning the device, and ensuring that the power to sensitive electrical devices or equipment remains the same. This prevents any damage to your appliances from erratical surges or hunts.

  1. Fuel Stabilizers

Fuel stabilizers are crucial accessories for generators that use natural gas such as gasoline or diesel. It keeps fuel from spoiling, preventing gum build-up, and harmful corrosions.

It also prevents gas from draining your tank if it isn’t running, preserving fuel for a year, and saving you expensive fuel costs in the long run. It’s best for gas-powered generators that aren’t constantly used.

  1. Remote Wireless Start

These are accessories that allow you to power up your generator even when you aren’t within its vicinity. Simply push your remote button and it switches on as long as you are within 80 feet of the generator.

So even if you’re in bed and experience a power outage during a storm, no need to get up and brave the weather. It adds to your comfort and convenience.

I hope this generator accessories list informed you of what you need to invest in! Begin looking for these accessories from reputable and high-quality brands today.

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