8 Deadly Indicators Your Home Is Suffering From Massive Plumbing Issues

8 Deadly Indicators Your Home Is Suffering From Massive Plumbing Issues

Plumbing issues are common across homes. Almost every homeowner has experienced these issues at one time or another. The most common plumbing problems include water heater issues, leaky faucets, clogged toilets and drains, a running toilet, and low water pressure.

A number of plumbing troubles could be avoided if you address them at the first sign of the problem. Find out some of the deadly indicators of the presence of a major plumbing issue. If you observe any of these issues at your home, you need a plumbing service from experts in Mission Viejo.

1. Discolored Pipes

Have a close look at the plumbing pipes every few months to check whether your house is prone to a major issue or not. If there are any signs of discoloration in your pipes, then definitely there is a problem.

Discoloration is a strong sign of the presence of moisture, which could be caused by water dripping from a drain line or sink. Sometimes, such leaks could turn out to be more severe than a slow leak. Whenever you see discoloration and any build-up, you should immediately consult the best plumbing service in Mission Viejo.

2. Slow Drain

A slow drain could be due to a hidden problem in the plumbing system of your house. If you notice one, you need to find out the exact location of the plumbing issue. This will help you to easily remove clogs that are hindering the flow of water in the drain line.

Conducting a simple cleaning effort through Do-It-Yourself (DIY) methods might not clear out the clogs if these are deeper in the drain line. You might need to consult a professional plumber.

3. Sewer Odor

You might know that almost each drain requires a trap, which in turn requires a vent. The design of drains and traps are done in a manner to effectively restrict the entry of sewer gas into your house. In fact, the vent should be able to direct sewer odor up to the roof.

So, in case you are experiencing sewer odor, this is a clear indication of something wrong, calling for proactive action. You might have to go for emergency plumbing service in Mission Viejo. Hire the top plumbers in Mission Viejo actively working 24×7.

4. No Water In Frosty Winter

During the peak of the winter season, if there is a sudden drop in the water pressure at multiple locations, it can be due to frozen pipes. Of course, it is not a minor problem, and you should call a skilled plumber in Mission Viejo immediately to get it repaired.

5. Low Water Pressure In Many Locations

Low water pressure or slow water flow suggests that there is a problem specifically in the distribution. In case this is only occurring at one location, then it could be a potential issue only in the faucet aerator. In such a scenario, the fix is quite easy.
When water pressure is low at many places in your house, a professional plumbing inspection is needed. Seek professional assistance from the top-notch plumbing services in Mission Viejo.

6. Sudden Rise In Water Bills

A sudden rise in water bills is also an indication of a silent leak in the plumbing system of your house.

In case, you are still using the same amount of water as previously, but your water bills are much higher, then it is highly recommended that you get a leak check done. One of the common sources is a silent leak in the toilet or bathroom pipes or in the slab pipes.

You should opt for the services of a plumbing company that knows about the best ways to fix such problems.

7. Abnormal Color Of Water

If the water coming from any of the faucets in your home is not clear, you need to find out why, as it is a clear indication of some plumbing issue.

Brown or yellow water indicates rust. The excessive corrosion in the copper pipes results in a green tint. So, whenever you experience these issues, you will need a plumbing inspection of the whole house done from experts in Mission Viejo as fast as possible.

8. Bubbling Wall Paint Or Ceiling

If the paint on a ceiling or wall suddenly begins to peel off or bubble, it is an indication of a leak in the concealed plumbing or the roof plumbing. Again, to find out what is wrong, all you need to do is call a skilled plumber for an inspection.

So, whenever you see paint blistering or bubbling or the appearance of brown spots on a wall or ceiling, call an expert plumber offering professional plumbing services in Mission Viejo. Professionals are well aware of the best ways to quickly address such issues.

Final Words

We have listed some of the indicators of a major plumbing issue. Whenever you notice any such issues, seek expert assistance and get the best solution. Click here to get more info about the best plumbing service in Mission Viejo.

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