5 tools every homeowner must have

5 tools every homeowner must have
5 tools every homeowner must have

After you have purchased and moved into your new home, you will need to take the responsibility of maintaining it. Unlike in a rented apartment, you no longer have a landlord to take care of the broken fixtures and accessories.

However, having certain tools will help you to take care of some repairs in the house. This can help you save significantly as normal repairs can cost up to $65 an hour or more. You should only choose quality tools because there is nothing more expensive than a cheap tool.

Here are some of the tools every homeowner should have:

Claw hammer

You probably have already seen a claw hammer before. One side of the hammerhead is flat and used for hitting while the other side features a V-shape notch for extracting nails from surfaces. You should choose a hammer made from quality material that can resist harsh weather and can reduce vibration to your arm when pounding.

Screwdriver set

A screwdriver is one of the most used tools in the house. It is used for a wide selection of functions such as assembling furniture, tightening screws, and more. Since there are a variety of screw heads and sizes, it is advisable to buy a whole package with multiple blade tips and sizes.

Cordless drill

Apart from screwdrivers, you will also need a cordless drill to do a variety of functions in your house. Whether you need to drive bolts into a wall, mount a TV stand, tighten hinges and more. Using a cordless drill means you do not have to worry about a power outlet.


You will not want to fix shelves, hang mirrors and artwork at an angle. A level tool is used to ensure that lines and surfaces are entirely straight. If you are on a budget, you can get a level tool for as cheap as $10. Nowadays, there is a digital level tool which is more accurate and can help you measure surface level up to thirty feet away.

Allen wrench set

An Allen wrench is an L-shaped tool which is used to drive bolts and screws. These days, most furniture manufacturers are including the Allen wrenches in their DIY furniture. Just like screwdrivers, Allen wrench can be used for a wide range of applications.

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