5 Tips to a picture-perfect lawn (just in time for summer)

5 Tips to a picture-perfect lawn (just in time for summer)
5 Tips to a picture-perfect lawn (just in time for summer)

These lawn care tips are just what you need to whip your garden into shape in no time

After a long, dry winter, your lawn might be looking a bit sorry for itself. So how do you go about getting it back into tip-top condition and ready for those long, lazy days in the sun with family and friends? According to Mark Odell, Husqvarna South Africa’s Product Manager a perfect lawn is a healthy lawn, “So, it might be time to go back to basics and start from the ground up, so to speak.”

He adds that consistently following a few simple steps can make all the difference and have your neighbours wondering what your secret is. “Your garden, especially your lawn, is the first thing visitors see when they visit your home, and it’s the most important element if you’re trying to create an environment that’s conducive to spending a lot of time outdoors, as we do in South Africa” says Mark.

Mark offers Husqvarna’s five top tips for a perfect lawn:

1. Get your soil right

To thrive, grass roots need air and space. Loose, well-drained soil allows the roots to spread easily, it also means they’ll be less compacted and therefore absorb enough water and nutrients. Of course, if you aren’t blessed with perfect soil, you can use an aerator to poke holes in the ground, and allow water to penetrate deeper, in turn, encouraging deeper root systems.

2. Be water wise

When it comes to watering your lawn, it’s a bit like “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”; you have to get it “just right”. A light watering is often not enough and can actually cause the roots to come to the surface and be more susceptible to drought. Rather give your lawn a thorough soaking with 10-15 millimetres every now and again to encourage a healthy, deep root system – use a rain gauge to check how much water has gone in, make sure the water also has time to sink away.

3. Make the cut

Don’t mow your grass just yet! As we’re still in the middle of winter, it will become stressed and struggle to recover, but as we head closer towards spring and you notice your grass starting to grow again, you can aim to keep it at about three to four centimetres throughout summer. This should give your grass enough length to absorb sunlight and generate food and nutrients by photosynthesis for itself.

4. Stay sharp

Sharp blades are essential for the perfect finish to your lawn. The sharper the blades are, the cleaner the cut will be. With less pulling on the roots, it results in less shock and stress and reduces the risk of your grass dying back and becoming brown and patchy in areas. So remember, sharpen your blades at least three times a year, and be gentle on your lawn.

5. Be kind

On that note, be kind to your lawn (and yourself!) with a lightweight lawn mower. A heavy lawn mower can create permanent track marks in your lawn, which can be unsightly. Thanks to their low weight and excellent manoeuvrability, the Husqvarna battery-powered lawn mowers are lightweight enough to mow your lawn without digging into the soil or leaving any track marks. And you won’t break into a sweat while operating them either! Whether you choose a push model or a self-propelled model, you are guaranteed a user-friendly mower that is easy to handle and easy to maintain with less noise and fewer emissions.

“Our electric mowers are also kinder to the environment than petrol mowers, producing around 99% fewer methane emissions and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 38%,” says Mark.