5 Cheap Wall Covering Ideas For Bad Walls!

When your walls are damaged due to damp, mold or any other reason, many people plan to paint them to enhance the appearance. While most people do not like colored and painted walls as they prefer to keep plain white walls without any patterns and designs.

On the other hand, most people like to be creative on their walls and design them even without paints.


While some people like to decorate their walls using their home-made stuff and create attractive things to enhance the beauty of the interior with the help of hiring interior painting companies.

So here are some cheap wall covering ideas that can be followed to decorate your walls without the use of paint and it will also help you save your money to fix the damaged walls.

1- Use Wallpapers To Cover Walls

There are plenty of creatively beautiful wallpapers available in the market that are cheap in rates. While some traditional papers might cost a little high. You can buy wallpapers according to your budget and install them with your own hands.

Wallpapers To Cover Walls.jpg

Installation of traditional wallpapers is kind of complicated process but it is a permanent solution and peeling off can be a difficult procedure as well.

There are also peel-off wallpapers available in the market and they are available at affordable rates and you use them according to your requirements because pee-off wallpapers are easy to remove and they make no harm to your walls.

Using wallpapers for decoration is the easiest and cheap way to cover bad walls as you can use them according to your preferences if you live in an apartment or a rented house.

2- Upgrade Your Walls With Prints And Wall Frames

It is also another cheap way to cover your wall. Sometimes your wall is damaged due to holes and cracks which appear bad and destroy the look of your wall. You can use a caulk to fill the holes and cracks.

However, if you want to make your walls more attractive, you will have to put some extra effort to upgrade your existing wall.

Wall Frames.jpg

You can add a wall gallery by using wall frames by hiring an interior painting company to get it done by a professional. Professionals use the highest quality paper and ink to transform your wall to hide all faults and damaged parts on your walls. It is also an affordable way to enhance your wall beauty.

3- Use Wall Murals And Fabrics

Murals and fabrics can also be another cheap way to cover your defective walls without spending much money. You can simply use some creative tapestries to create an elegant design of wall texture.

Use Wall Murals And Fabrics.jpg

These tapestries can be hung on the walls and it will surely give a luxurious and creative design to be used for decoration of the walls. You can also take the help of a professional to add tapestry flush with a smooth texture to give your wall a clean and neat look.

4- Add Book Shelves And Walls

If you are a book lover, you must have a huge collection of interesting books that you can use to put on the walls to create a home-made library. You can use creative designs of wall shelves to add on your walls, it will add a texture of displaying your books on the walls. It will also make your books look organized and your room and living area will be enhanced.

Add Book Shelves And Walls.jpg

You can also decorate your bookshelves by adding beautiful pots of flowers and other plants such as artificial vase as it adds more beauty to your shelves. You can also search on the internet for creative bookshelves ideas to add more beauty to your walls.

5- Add Beautiful Curtains

Normally people use curtains to cover up their open windows and doors to stop the light to enter the home. But you can also use the beautiful collection of curtains to cover your bad walls. Such as there are plenty of fabric curtains are available in the market that is large enough to cover the whole wall.

Walls curtains.jpg

You can choose the curtain colors according to your interior colors and furniture to match the living area. Curtains are one of the best ways to add colors and beauty to your walls and they are also cheap and easily affordable.

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