4 Tips To Protect Your PVC Window & Fridge Gaskets

Protect Your PVC Window & Fridge Gaskets
Protect Your PVC Window & Fridge Gaskets

Installing windows with PVC gaskets or buying a fridge with PVC seals is ideal if you’re looking for low maintenance home life. However, low maintenance doesn’t mean NO maintenance. At the end of the day, the aim is to ensure that your appliances and building materials stand the test of time and serve you well. As a leading PVC manufacturing company in SA, we know all the tips and tricks when it comes to upkeep of products made from our materials. In this blog, we focus on what you can do to protect your window or fridge with PVC parts from wearing out too soon.

PVC Protection Tip 1 – Look For Signs Of Drying Out Or Cracks Before They Get Too Bad
An inspection every now and then is a great way to monitor the condition of your PVC seals. It enables you to spot wear and tear as it forms so that you can solve the problem before it gets worse.

PVC Protection Tip 2 – Clean Your Fridge Gasket Regularly & Replace When Necessary
On top of check-ups, you should be cleaning the surface of PVC products as often as possible. This is where they’re most vulnerable to changing weather conditions and impact. Try to at least wipe down your fridge gaskets once a week. Lots of food items can get trapped in them and cause damage. Sometimes you may notice that your fridge gaskets are growing fungus – this should not be happening and should be addressed immediately. At IPC we make sure that our fridge gasket compounds come standard with anti-fungal protection. However, when it comes to window gaskets, once every month or two should be fine as these are more durable for weather conditions.

PVC Protection Tip 3 – Use A Vacuum Cleaner to Remove Dust & Dirt From Your Window
The wind can bring in dirt that causes jamming in window seals. Attach a small head to your vacuum cleaner and get rid of small particles in all parts of your windows before they collect and let air in.

PVC Protection Tip 4 – Avoid Abrasive Cleaning Products When Washing/Wiping
Harsh cleaning products will do your PVC seals no good. They may compromise the material’s integrity, so rather stick with clean water and mild products. Make sure the cloth or sponge you use is also clean so that you can avoid unnecessary scratching.

The most important thing is that you take care of your PVC products so that they can take care of you. Neglecting these items isn’t doing you any favours. If you’re in the market for great quality replacement parts, make sure you source them from a reputable supplier, like IPC as we’re a leading PVC manufacturing company.