3 Things You Must Know about Fire Pit Covers

3 Things You Must Know about Fire Pit Covers
3 Things You Must Know about Fire Pit Covers

When you have a fire pit in your outdoor space, you can toss up hot dogs, barbeque meals, marshmallows right from the comfort of your backyard. You may like to set up a tarp over the pit to keep it dry and clean, but it requires more protection. Tarps are blown off by strong winds, not too breathable, causing damage and so, you need fire pit covers.

According to an article published on https://www.goodhousekeeping.com, a protected fire pit in your backyard means cooking, night outs, fun, and ghost stories. Choosing a fire pit cover offers protection from the external elements so that you can savor tasty meals in the evening under the star-studded sky. Here are three things to know about fire pit covers:

1. Use of your fire pit cover

You need to keep the fire pit in the best condition possible when it’s not used. Make sure you clean and cool the pit before putting the cover.

Protect your fire pit from dirt, dust, and debris during high winds when huge debris can drop on the pit and damage it. You need covers to protect the same. A fire pit cover will also keep the pit dry and so you need not clean off soggy ash. This way, the fire pit is usable even after rain, snow, or ice.

A fire pit cover will also protect the pit from UV rays to avert cracking, fading, or structural damage. Additionally, use a fire pit cover to prevent pests from nesting in the pit. You will not like to see the critters burning when you build a fire to cook delicious food.

2. Sizes and fire pit cover sizes

You will find a range of fire-pit cover types and in varied sizes. Choose the right one depending on whether you have gas fire pits or wood-burning pits.

When it comes to material types, you can choose classic covers manufactured from lightweight vinyl along with a polyester lining. You can use these covers in gentle climates to protect your fire pit from dust, dirt, and debris.

These covers are ideal for moderate to heavy rainfall areas, minimum to the average wind, moderate to excessive heat of the sun, moderate to heavy snowfall, and low humidity.

There are elite fire pit covers, more durable, keeping your fire pit safe for many years. It’s meant for moderate to strong winds, moderate to heavy downpour, moderate snowfall, moderate to direct heat of the sun, and moderate or low humidity.

There are premium quality covers that protect your fire pit from scratches, cracks, fading, moisture, and harsh climate.

3. Measuring fire pit for the best fitting cover

Measure your fire pit before you buy a cover. If you have a circular fire pit, measure from one end to the other. You also need to gauge from the ground to the fire pit top. Deduct 1-2 inches for air circulation.


Now that you know about fire pit covers, pick the best one for your outdoor barbeque dinner needs. Savor pork chops, kebabs, and hotdogs recounting ghost stories. Happy cooking!

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