What is the Best Sunscreen for outside Workers

Sunscreen for outside Workers

Sunlight plays two roles at the same time for us. Those who spend most of their time in-house (indoor activities); sunlight can be a good option for them to spend some times bathing in sunshine. On the other hand, those who have to spend their most of the time outside of their houses for their livelihood and many other reasons, sunlight is not a boon for them.

At the first stage of working outside, most of us could not realize the bad impact of the burning sun. But with time, it can be understood when we have to face some skin troubles. Even skin cancer may be caused due to the direct exposure to the burning sun. In the sunlight, there are two different rays- UVA and UVB. Both of them are equally harmful to our sensitive skin. But UVA is likely more harmful than UVB. UVB rays cause your skin to burn and make it red. On the contrary, UVA is responsible for damaging your skin cell’s DNA and can cause skin cancer.

Types of sunscreen

Types of sunscreen

But you can repair your skin as well by protecting your skin from the direct heat of the sun. We can divide the sunscreen into two types- chemical and mineral. Both are reliable for protecting your skin from the sunlight. But the application of the sunscreen may differ from person to person due to their body size as well as their work hours under the sun.

Understanding SPF

‘SPF’ stands for Sun Protection Factor. Sunscreen out there in the market comes with different SPF like 30, 50, 10 and more. If you are going to cover a wide range of your body, you will be needed a sunscreen with SPF 30 because it means you will be protected for 300 minutes.

Why a worker outside needs sun protection

Workers who work from morning to evening under the hot sun get exposed to the harmful sunlight. In the beginning, they may not understand the health hazards of burning in the sun because everything happens slowly. After a certain period, when both UVA and UVB damage your skin cell’s DNA, it leads to cancer too. So, taking proper protection from the burning sun is a must-have prerequisite you need to consider.

While using sunscreen for protection from the summer’s burning sun, also keep one thing in your mind that how much you sweat. If you sweat frequently or you have to work in water, then you need to reapply the sunscreen at least every two hours of applying the sunscreen.

Use a blend of chemical and mineral sunscreen

Workers outside should wear such sun protection that is a broad-spectrum sunscreen and can protect both UVA and UVB rays from the sun. Titanium can work as a protector against UVA which is a short-wave and zinc can protect both UVA and UVB. And, they can be found in the mineral sunscreen. On the other hand, avobenzone is a chemical that is found in the chemical sunscreen.

So, outdoor workers under the sun need a sunscreen that is a combination of both chemical and mineral for their better protection for the burning sun.

As the sunlight has both radiations at the same time, outside workers should go for the combination of both sunscreens- mineral and chemical.

The threat of UVA and UVB

In the earlier stage of exposing to the direct sunlight, there may not be seen any symptom in your skin because it needs nearly two long years to show some skin disease symptom in your body. So, taking effective measure before getting your skin damaged by the sun rays is wise. Besides, all of us know that prevention is better than cure!

If you are not aware of the fact, you may have cancer also due to the direct exposure to the hot sun. And it is not possible to protect your skin from sunlight 100%, but you can minimize the bad impact on your lovely skin.

You should cover your body parts applying sunscreen that are exposed to the sun so that they may not get burned and reapply when it needs. Especially, two hours are enough to reapply the sunscreen again as you work under the direct heat of the sun.


There is a lot of sunscreens out there in the market nowadays. But you have to choose wisely so that your needs can meet up. Depending on your work hours in the hot sun, sunscreen with appropriate SPF is needed. Also, make sure you use the combination of chemical and mineral sunscreen so that they can protect your sensitive skin from burning in the sun. And it is better to save your skin before being damaged due to the sun in the hot summer season.