Unity Mabuza cares for the bus driver’s well-being at Buscor’s clinic

Unity Mabuza cares for the bus driver’s well-being at Buscor’s clinic
Unity Mabuza cares for the bus driver’s well-being at Buscor’s clinic

Unity Mabuza is a female Occupational Health Practitioner/Nurse at Buscor’s clinic. Her role is to always take care of the Buscor driver’s well-being. As a first point of contact at the clinic, Miss Mabuza is responsible for the assessment of workers’ health status after a period of deviation from health due to an acute or chronic medical condition, injury on duty and/or occupational disease with respect to job tasks and hazards.

She is a professional health practitioner/nurse who ensures that our drivers are healthy and medically fit before they can start performing their duties. Her typical day comes with lot of responsibilities such as performing Chronic disease monitoring, Primary health care, Occupational health, Special medical evaluation, Fitness to work medical evaluation and Periodical medical evaluation.

More about Buscor’s Clinic 

What is the purpose of the clinic? 

The clinic was established to ensure that every employee, mainly the drivers who have been hired by Buscor undergoes the fitness to work medical evaluation, so that Buscor can be aware of the number of drivers who are under chronic illness, thus, to make medication available to patients. The concept behind the establishment of the clinic was also to make sure that drivers undergo eye screening tests, to check their high blood pressure, physical examination, and audiometric test before being employed.

What is your role at the clinic? 

As a qualified Occupational Health Practitioner but more in an occupational setting, she is also responsible for pre-employment examination, periodical examination and exit medical evaluation to make sure that all the Buscor driver’s well-being is at its best.

Miss Mabuza resembles her name as she unifies the Buscor drivers by giving them relevant medications to maintain their health status. “I am responsible for making sure that our drivers are fit for the road, and I do some follow-up when they miss their periodical medical evaluation,” elaborates Mabuza.

She has been working for Buscor since 2017 and she is still enjoying every minute of her time in the company because of the corporate structure and code of ethics. She has grown to become a household name within the company as she prioritizes the lives of those who are having medical condition and need her attention.

What challenges do you normally overcome? 

Miss Mabuza has revealed that she needs to constantly check on her main clients, which are the bus drivers, to make sure that those who are on chronic medication receive them in time. However, her biggest challenge is when there is clash in the time schedules of her patients/drivers but only to find that they are scheduled for a certain shift to transport commuters.

She has also mentioned that another challenge that she faces is the shortage of chronic medication as they depend on Rob Ferreira hospital, one of the largest and best public hospitals in the Mpumalanga Province. In the absence or failure to receive chronic medication from the hospital, she then must inform her bosses to make funds available for buying these medications so that her patients cannot suffer from this.

What makes you enjoy your stay at the company?

She has emphasized that her role is to protect the communities wherein the commuters reside by taking care of the bus drivers. “The objective or agenda behind my role is to make sure that all our bus drivers are medically fit and that our commuters should not be prone to incidents or accidents because of drivers that are unfit for the road,” she explains.

Additionally, she has stated that in some cases, drivers can approach her with family matters on a personal level and fortunately, she finds this exciting as it shows that they are a family. Miss Mabuza feels comfortable and believes that she is going to retire from Buscor when it is time to, because the company cares for its employees. The are career advancement opportunities that empowers her and that is something she is more than happy to receive from Buscor.

Who is your role model and why?

Miss Mabuza has revealed that the level of professionalism that Buscor has is superb, but it is all because of the dominant coalition of the company.

“I would like to say that a person who is my role model in the company is Mr. Oupa Mathebula, the Managing Director of Buscor, because he is a level-headed man who does not take sides whenever solving any dispute and he does that by listening to both sides of the story before commenting. The second person that I look up to is my manager, Mr. Nkuna, who always shows the highest level of Emotional Intelligence and that inspires me a lot.

The third person is Mrs. Norah Fakude, who is the Chairperson of the company, an anchor of the company, and a woman who shows us as women that everything is possible irrespective of our type of gender. Lastly, my role model is my mom because I am here today it is because of her assistance,” Miss Mabuza narrates.

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What health Programs does Buscor’s clinic have for the month of November? 

Miss Mabuza narrates that most of the drivers are on diabetic treatment and that is why the clinic has planned to focus more on this subject to create awareness around diabetic illness. The purpose of focusing on this type of chronic disease is to check and verify whether these drivers are taking their meds correctly as per their prescription.

Furthermore, it is known that if you are diabetic, you temporarily lose eyesight or become myopic, so her role would be to assist in rendering sufficient medication to reduce or maintain high sugar levels. Buscor is promoting safe and healthy working environments for its employees for the betterment of keeping their commuters safe and alive so we can keep on being the best convenient public transportation option for commuters.


The in-house clinic is only accessible to Buscor employees, and its primary role is to make sure that their staff is medically fit. As a leading mode of transportation services in Mpumalanga, our health center should always be accessible and functioning well for our drivers to get treatment, so that our commuters should be in safe hands.

At our clinic, we promise that all patients are given full attention to ease the burden of dealing with chronic diseases. Buscor would like to wish everyone a beautiful and safe month of November and encourages commuters to follow safety procedures to reduce incidents while traveling on the buses.