Triomf Clinic celebrates International Doctors’ Day with new laser equipment

Triomf Clinic celebrates International Doctors’ Day with new laser equipment
Atterbury Trust handover of the new laser equipment at Triomf Clinic in Pretoria

Donation by Dr Marc Roscher helps treat scars and burns

International Doctors’ Day was celebrated on 30 March this year. This day is used as an opportunity to thank doctors worldwide for their medical services to patients and to emphasise the critical role of professional medics in the community.

This year’s Doctors’ Day was a special one for Triomf Clinic, Atterbury Trust’s community facility that has been providing excellent free medical care with dignity to the needy people of Pretoria West since 2014. It received the donation of specialised laser equipment, which offers new hope to people with scars or burns. The world-renowned plastic surgeon Dr Marc Roscher donated the equipment, valued at R1.5m. It was formally handed over on International Doctors’ Day during a ceremony at the clinic in Vom Hagen Street, Pretoria West.

Several doctors and Triomf Clinic stakeholders attended the event with media, sponsors and friends of Atterbury Trust.

“Many recent cases of patients with burns and scars have drawn my attention to the lack of a specialist clinic to treat these types of conditions in the Pretoria West area,” says Dr Roscher.

Scars can take several forms, including over-pigmentation or lack of pigmentation, thickening, keloid formation, and atrophic scars. “In the medical and aesthetic world, the treatment of scars has become a new horizon,” says Dr Roscher. “Specialist doctors (usually dermatologists) can remove most average burns with laser and light treatment, specialised injections and finishing procedures, or at least dramatically improve them.”

Zahn Hulme, executive trustee of Atterbury Trust, is excited about the expansion possibilities that laser equipment holds for patients at Triomf Clinic. “We are so grateful that Dr Marc Roscher, one of the pioneers behind the establishment of the clinic almost eight years ago, is still so involved and has made this significant donation to the clinic. We can now offer highly specialised skin treatment to our community, all in a comfortable environment and an atmosphere of dignity. Our team of volunteer doctors have already helped nearly 4,500 needy patients at Triomf and we are hopeful that many more people will receive healing through this additional service.”

The Triomf Clinic team will soon launch the new scar clinic under the guidance of an expert group of dermatologists. This service will be made available to all patients with scars. The possibility of accommodating paying patients at Triomf Clinic’s scar clinic is also being investigated. This money will then be used to further subsidise services for needy patients.


International Doctors’ Day, 30 March, 2022

Triomf Clinic, 464 Vom Hagen Street, Pretoria West