19 April 2024, Johannesburg, South Africa: World famous gamer and streamer, Tyler Ninja’ Blevins, alongside eight global streamers, including South African streamer, Barrie Forrester known as the Caramel Gamer or as his character ‘Lovemore Dlamini’, has partnered with Knorr to launch the #ModTheVeg campaign. The campaign aims to introduce veg-powered mods to promote healthier eating choices in the gaming world, and further encourages the community to join the movement to end veggie inequality.

Research conducted by Knorr found that in many games, meat-based items are often chosen for quick healing during main quests, while fruits and vegetables provide less health restoration. For instance, in one game, eating meat gives a +15HP boost, whereas consuming cabbage only offers +10HP. In some games, the difference is more pronounced, with a beef steak providing +552HP compared to a bean stew’s +61HP.

The global streamer Tyler Ninja’ Blevins kickstarted the campaign with a launch stream on Twitch alongside eight global streamers, highlighting the issue to the gaming community, and championing veggie equality by playing and demonstrating the veggie specific mods that have been available in various games.

A series of electrifying streams followed, including the Caramel Gamers Fortnite stream, where over 750,000 viewers were confronted with the reality that it is much harder to survive on veggies alone in-game. The gaming community have gotten behind the movement, taking to the comments section to share their thoughts. Players expressed their support for the supercharging movement, exclaiming, ‘we are all here for veggies!’ with another agreeing that ‘them veggie give superpowers’. While others couldn’t wait to get their hands on the veggie specific mods, saying: “I’m playing this mod first thing when I get home today!”.

“I am thrilled to collaborate with Knorr on this mission to educate consumers on the benefits of incorporating vegetables into their diet and the importance of nutritional balance. Our goal is to enhance the attractiveness and benefits of consuming vegetables in games, ensuring they are as rewarding as other food options in the gaming realm,” says Barrie Forrester – TheCaramelGamer, South African Twitch Streamer.

Whilst the #ModTheVeg campaign embodies an innovative strategy to combat veggie inequality in the virtual realm, it seamlessly extends Knorr’s mission to make the good stuff irresistible. By infusing Knorr products with wholesome foods, like veggies, it elevates their appeal, transforming the ordinary into irresistible meals.

Janine Van Rooyen, Nutrition Business Lead from Knorr South Africa says: “We have been on this journey to empower consumers to adopt better eating habits that are not only beneficial for themselves but also the planet. Now, by extending our efforts into the realm of gaming, we are leveraging innovation to champion the irresistible goodness of vegetables in the real and virtual world.”

The campaign further features a petition which encourages gaming enthusiasts to sign in support of enhancing the role of vegetables in video games, aiming to create a more balanced approach to in-game nutrition. By now more than 19 000 petitions have been signed!

This is not just a mission, it’s a gaming revolution to right a great wrong against veggies. To get involved  sign the petition calling on gaming realm to make vegetables as exciting and rewarding as other foods in their games!