The Best Quality CBD Products in South Africa

The Best Quality CBD Products in South Africa

For the longest time, most people relied on powerful medication to cure and treat numerous diseases including cancer, diabetes and heart disease. But while these conventional medicines have been beneficial to humanity, they have also long been associated with side effects that often escalate the ailment they were meant to treat. It is for these reasons Formulaswiss CEO and Founder Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen is looking to increase the use of CBD products in South Africa. 

In an effort to overcome some of the problems caused by these medicines, more and more people are choosing greener, safer alternatives. One of the most popular of these natural alternatives is CBD products like CBD oil. One of the major benefits of CBD is that it is a natural solution that has no side effects. Yet, it has been scientifically proven to have the following health benefits; 

Relives Anxiety 

This is perhaps the most popular benefit of CBD oil. It has now been proven through numerous studies that just 600mg of CBD oil can significantly reduce anxiety and boost cognition. Even before the studies were conducted, most people with anxiety would use CBD to help reduce symptoms associated with the condition including rapid heart rate and insomnia. 

Helps Manage Diabetes 

CBD oil has also been widely used to prevent the on-set of diabetes in high-risk individuals as well as reduce the symptoms of the disease. Studies have shown that CBD oil can improve insulin response and thereby help lower blood sugar levels. 

Pain Management and Inflammation 

CBD oil has been widely used as a pain reliever. Unlike most pain killers, there is little chance that the patient will develop dependency on CBD. It is also a lot more powerful than most painkillers in the market; so powerful that it has been used to relieve pain associated with arthritis and neuropathic conditions. 

Other health benefits associated with CBD products include the prevention of neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and treatment and prevention of acne as well as improving memory and the treatment of brain damage. 

CBD products developed at Formulaswiss are sourced from the best natural products. We work with strategic partners in Switzerland, Norway and elsewhere in the EU to ensure that the products we bring to the market are not only highly effective but also 100% natural and organic. 

Our CBD products are some of the best in the market today because we invest a lot of research and resources to develop only the best CBD extracts. Our processes ensure that the end product contains no genetically modified products or any contaminants such as pesticides and herbicides.

If you are passionate about healthy alternatives to conventional medicine, Formulaswiss is always looking for South Africans to help us distribute our highly beneficial product to the market. With your help, people looking for a product that can aid in their healing without jeopardizing their health any further can have a choice and you can make a little extra cash on the side as well. 

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