Symptoms that you have shift work disorder

Shift work disorder is referred to a chronic condition when you suffer from problems that are related to your sleep cycle. This may be due to sudden changes in your work schedule or the environment which is not letting you have a sound sleep. You might be in the developing stage of insomnia or have developed the full stage. The disorder may be temporary, rotatory or permanent.


You have a sleep schedule since the time you are born and you grow very comfortable with it in all these years. But due to the job and work the schedule might get disturbed and start to trouble the cycle for a longer period. This usually happens when your sleep schedule overlaps your work schedule. This can also be caused due to some unconventional sleep timings that might not be as comforting and soothing as a night sleep. Your sleep may get interrupted by noise, guests coming over or because of some other factors. The body and mind can easily cope up with the situation if it happens once or twice. However, if it becomes a regular thing, it can turn into a disorder which could be difficult to treat in the later stages.

The symptoms:

The usual symptoms for shift work disorder that could come to your notice can include excessive laziness or sleepiness at the time of work or when you need to be necessarily awake. You may also notice your inability to sleep at night even when you have been tired and sleepy the entire day. Insomnia may occur slowly and can get out of your hands after a while. The sleeping disorder may also include a non-satisfactory sleep which may be interrupted by usual thoughts and you wake up without enjoying a complete sleep. You could catch the symptoms if have not had a satisfying sleep for a few days. You may also feel lazy the entire day and have a hard time concentrating on one thing. You may get irritated sooner and stay in a bad mood every other day. This could also disrupt your personal relationships and you may lead to depression.

How to deal with shift work disorder

If you have noticed some of the changes mentioned above in your behavior recently, there are high chances of you suffering from the disorder. You can use medications modvigil or armodafinil 150mg online at World Pharma Zone to deal with shift work disorder.

There are certain lifestyle changes that you could imply in your life which could help you big time in dealing with the problem.

  • Take as much sleep you can at the right time, preferably at night. You could take 40- 48 hours off from work and improve your sleep cycle.
  • To avoid activating your day clock, you could use sunglasses in sunlight and protect your eyes and mind from getting disturbed.
  • Try to sleep in a quiet environment and in the shadiest place possible at home. Inform everyone at home to not disturb you in the sleep.

Shift work disorder can be avoided if you practice a normal sleep routine and take sound sleep at the correct time.