Sleep Training Science Myths and Facts

Being a parent is a great experience in itself. It is like wandering into a completely new place where you learn things gradually. Though it is an exciting journey that we all enjoy. But things are not always smooth or in our favor.

Now, we all love our babies and the adorable things they do. Yet let’s agree that putting them to sleep is one hell of a challenge in itself. After a long, tiring day all we need is a peaceful sleep. Until our little monsters take the charge and throwing tantrums.

In today’s world where usually both parents work, it can be hard to train the baby. But we all know that sleep training is crucial for both; babies and parents. Often parents prefer the cry it out method.

Even when the parents have only this choice, they are often in a dilemma. There are too many myths about sleep training that one cannot distinguish which is true.

Well, it is tough but no impossible to understand the facts among the myths. Here in this article, we will share with you the sleep training science, myths and facts. Let’s take a quick look!

Myths and Facts

1- The first myth is that sleep training and the cry-it-out method are synonymous.

But the fact is that these two are separate. In fact, the cry-it-out method is one of the approaches used in sleep training.

Various blogs and books mix up these two but that not true. Cry it out is only an approach that might sound harsh. According to this method, the baby would be in his crib and parents leave the room. The baby might cry for some time and parents soothe them after short intervals.

As science explains, this method is an old approach. Instead, many new approaches and methods are now in use. Sleep training is like a tree with lots of branches that parents can adapt to.

2-It is a myth that there is an amount of time until you let your baby cry in the training.

The fact is that there is no strict formula that will work for all the babies or parents.

The time every baby takes can vary from one to another and is not fixed. Each baby has its own comfort level with the parents. Also, if your first baby took less time that does not mean the second will also take the same amount of time.

There are no scientific proofs that how much time is ideal for the babies. So parents can try out different intervals on their babies.

People often think that if there one baby took 5-minutes then the second baby would also do the same. But that is so not the case as the time is not a fixed factor in training.

3- Another myth is that once the baby is sleep trained, you can expect him to sleep through every night.

But the fact is that not every baby succeeds in getting trained. Often techniques work for the majority of parents. And sometimes these methods just don’t help or work.

Though there are a lot of sleep training methods today that parent adapts to. Some parents use a certain method on their all babies and it would work.

Whereas sometimes, parents came with one such baby who would create a lot of fuss. Or any method won’t work for that baby. It also happens that your most successful technique fails with your other babies.

So being a parent you should be ready for all sorts of scenarios. Most of these sleep training and studies won’t justify that how long the baby will stay awake or sleep.

Sometimes your baby gets to learn fast at first and the minute you feel he is ready. Things change. The baby won’t sleep with the previous method that worked. It all depends and varies from one baby to another.


Apart from these most common myths, there are a lot more that parents often believe. We would suggest that being a parent you have a huge responsibility. So it is beneficial if you spent some time doing research or reading a book or two.