Signs of Tick Paralysis You Can Observe on Your Dog

Ticks are always underestimated by many pet owners owing to the fact that they are small. In tick invasion, your pet will not be strong and healthy for long because the moment those ticks start releasing their harmful chemical, tick paralysis will normally set it. This chemical affects firing of nerves hence making your pet’s mobility to be affected and or compromised. Below are some signs of tick paralysis to help you seek intervention quickly and prevent your dog from being incapacitated further.

Excessive Salivation While Mouth Open

Your dog will be excessively salivating while its mouth is open and tongue is outside. This is a clear indication that the mouth muscles cannot be controlled and your dog is affected. It will continue that way because once paralysis sets in, treating abruptly becomes a hard task and it takes time to heal.

tick paralysis in dogs

Inability to Walk

Once the muscles of the legs are severely paralyzed, you will see it not able to move. It will stand still and you will not be able to even move it. This is the time when many people call for x-ray examinations to see if their dogs have fractures but tick paralysis is normally painless and your dog will not even produce any noise.

Reduced Activity

If Your Dog is playful and all of a sudden you notice a reduction in its normal activities, you need to know that something is wrong with its muscles and legs. Most of them start by being calm and end up completely immobile which is when owners realize that something is not right with their pets. You realize too late and it becomes hard for you to treat it because it advances and affects more muscles and nerves day in and day out.

How to prevent your pet from Tick Paralysis?

Hygiene still remains the best prevention method. Bath your dog on regular basis using perfect pet detergents to make sure all ticks are removed from the skin of your pet. You also need to make sure that you spray your pet always so that any form of parasites detaches from its skin. The place where it sleeps must be clean to make sure that it does not contract any kind of disease that can compromise its physical or mental capability. Exercise your pet regularly and you will see it growing healthy day in day out.

To conclude, tick paralysis is one of the dangerous pet diseases at all times. You need a qualified animal physician to plan excellent care so that it becomes quickly healed before disease advances to a top stage and kills your pet. If you delay, the heart, lungs and brain can be paralyzed as well and this will lead to complete death of your pet which will not be a pleasant situation for you. Take care of your pet nicely and it will not even encounter any kind of parasite leave alone ticks. Wash its fur and no tick will hide inside it.