Screen Time for Children: Disadvantages and Appropriate Use

Screen Time for Children: Disadvantages and Appropriate Use
Screen Time for Children: Disadvantages and Appropriate Use

Tablet, television TV, smartphone or laptop. Our children grow up with screens. How much screen time for children is okay? With these tips about screen time for children, parents can encourage responsible media use.

In recent years, technology has developed at breakneck speed. There are now all kinds of technological applications and children are expected to be able to handle them. At a young age, toddlers are skilled enough to search for their favorite Nijntje video on Netflix and YouTube. But in addition to the good sides that technology brings, more and more experts are worried. A lot of screen time for children would have a negative effect on the motor development of your child.

Disadvantages of too much screen time for children

With the disadvantages of a lot of screen time, we parents tend to look after the adverse effects on our children. But even if it concerns ourselves, too much screen time also has adverse consequences for our health.

1.       Reduced concentration

Our smartphone is getting flatter and smaller, but oh how distracting it is! Just look around you when you are in the car. How many people in the wrong are busy with their phone? Open, call, respond to notifications. Despite various advertisements in which you are warned about smartphone use behind the wheel, we continue to app, call and respond to notifications. Sometimes with fatal accidents until followed. Thanks to the smartphone, we even have less concentration than a goldfish.

Although we do know this, we find it difficult to ignore our phone. We look forward to boredom. Because we suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) . And maybe also out of habit. In some respects our behavior seems to be consistent with the mental disorder: ADHD. Students are less able to concentrate and do less homework because they are distracted by their telephone. During the lessons they are more tired because it was too late the evening before. Although we do know this, we find it difficult to ignore our phone.

2.       Eye problems

Another health risk of too much screen time for children is the Computer Vision Syndrome (CFS) . At the time, my mother just said that I got square eyes from watching too much TV. But these symptoms were expressed in tired, burning, dry or watery eyes and headaches. Measure also in double vision (diplopia) and blurred vision if you have done long-term computer work. But even children get bad eyes because of their smartphone or tablet. A large part is in danger of becoming myopic or visually impaired. Looking a lot closer, the eyeball, which is normally round, can eventually become oval and cells that have to catch light in the back of the eye can be damaged.

3.       Lack of sleep

Is it not because we are just a little too long on the tablet or phone in the evening, then it is because of the blue light coming from these devices. Sleeping with your smartphone leads to health problems such as sleep disorders, headache and (there you have it again) loss of concentration.

4.       Mental problems

The Brain Foundation also endorses these medical complaints. Keeping your brain healthy has a positive influence on complaints such as depression, illness, mood changes, being overweight and risky adolescent behavior.

Screen Time for Children
Screen Time for Children


5.       Addicted

As many young people and adults deal with their social media, you could almost call it an addiction. The less screen time for children, the more time there is to do other things. Climbing in trees, playing outside, sports or other hobbies.

6.       Less social skills

When we communicate, we only do so to a small extent through what we say. The majority of what we say is determined by our non-verbal communication. By talking to others and social conversations, children learn to communicate. We will abbreviate the language we use on apps, which is chock-full of slang terms. Nice, but the language is not getting any better.

How much screen time for children is okay?

How much screen time is okay for children, I personally find that there are major differences. If my daughter gets a smartphone, she will not be allowed to use it for more than an hour a day. If she is enjoying a game, it varies from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Hence, the situations and the age of the kids are the key determinants to choose the appropriate screen time for kids. To handle the situation effectively, smart parents pick the screen time apps and set screen time rules for their kids. If you too are willing to set these rules, give FamilyTime app a free try.

Limit screen time

FamilyTime is a well know application to limit screen time of kids and it offers a lot more feature than merely limiting the screen time such as setting up app time limit, app blocking, internet filters and more. To try FamilyTime app for free, visit the app store on your phone. And get the app from there.