Resurge The Best Weight Loss Supplement in 2020

Resurge The Best Weight Loss Supplement in 2020
Resurge The Best Weight Loss Supplement in 2020

The human body or any other living organism needs energy in order to live and perform various vital processes in a normal way. It consumes energy continuously even during sleep and rest. A person cannot stop breathing, for example, or stops the heart muscle, or moves and contraction of the stomach and intestine, for example, while digesting food, everything moves. Inside the human body consumes energy.

In cases of extreme hunger and lack of sufficient energy from food due to lack of food or due to a strict and harmful food diet, the body begins to analyze the accumulated fats in it to convert it into energy so that it can be consumed in movement and in various vital processes and then analyzes the muscles and protein in it to obtain energy Also, here the different muscles begin to weaken and atrophy, including the heart muscle.

In cases of obtaining large amounts of energy, i.e. larger quantities of daily energy consumed, then the food energy in excess of the daily need will be stored in the form of fat in the body until it is needed and even when it is not needed, the body will still store and accumulate it even if it will harm the functions of some organs such as the heart and arteries And others.

Weight gain and loss equation To maintain a stable and non-fluctuating weight, the weight gain and loss equation must be understood. The equation has three types as follows:

In cases of weight gain: the nutritional energy entering the body is “greater” than the energy consumed or the energy released from it.

In cases of weight loss: the nutritional energy entering the body is “smaller” than the energy consumed or the energy leaving it.

In cases of constant weight: the energy entering the body is “equal” to the energy consumed or the energy leaving it.

When following a very harsh diet, the body loses weight, also loses its health and freshness, weakens the heart muscle and increases the likelihood of developing osteoporosis, but when following an appropriate and healthy balanced diet such as Resurge Tablets in which the body is not starved so much that it receives an appropriate amount of energy every day, it is not forced to request it from muscle protein, so a loss The weight will be slower and therefore have a gentler effect on the body and do not exhaust it and do not consume the health of its muscles and bones.

It is preferable to lose weight without losing any muscle mass. Exercising while eating balanced food while reducing the amount “to some extent” without starvation. Therefore, the amount of daily energy consumed is greater than the food energy consumed, so the person’s weight decreases, and then after reaching the required weight, exercise can be maintained. Sports with an increase in the amount of nutritional energy so that the weight loss does not continue to exceed the required level and thus harm the body.

Maintaining the weight to maintain the desired weight after losing weight using the diet must be taken into account the equation of energy consumed to the energy consumed and therefore must exercise continuously and not only to lose weight but to maintain it balanced when stopping to follow Leptoconnect Pills diet the weight will increase automatically except in the case of exercising continuously And lasting an hour for three times a week at least, it is worth noting here the amount of food and energy consumed by athletes daily without increasing their weight.