Pre-Conceptual Care Doctors

Pre-Conceptual Care Doctors
Pre-Conceptual Care Doctors. Image source: Unsplash

Preparing your body for pregnancy gives you and your baby the best chance of a healthy pregnancy & birth. Read the advice here from pre-conceptual care doctors

Pre-Conceptual Care Doctors

Preparing your body for pregnancy gives you and your baby the best chance to have a happy and healthy pregnancy and birthing. It sets a solid foundation for your child’s health future and is recommended by pre-conceptual care doctors.

What Are Pre-Conceptual Care Doctors?

Pre-conceptual care doctors guide you on the best approach to achieving maximum health in preparation for your pregnancy.

Their advice will include making consultation appointments to check in on your health progress, discussing medical conditions related to pregnancies, nutrition, supplements, exercise, and quality of life.

Start chatting to your pre-conceptual care doctors a minimum of three months prior to embarking on a pregnancy. 

Consultations With Pre-Conceptual Care Doctors

A pre-conceptual care consultation is a check-in on your health and progress. Your doctor will ensure you are in optimum physical and mental health.

Patients usually use their obstetrician-gynaecologists as their pre-conceptual care doctors. Even if you have had a baby previously, your body will have changed, so restart your pre-conceptual care consultations.

If it is your first baby, your doctor will record your family’s history of health-related data, so collate your family data before your consultation. It will inform the pre-conceptual care doctors of risks to flag.

Furthermore, pre-conceptual care doctors will treat your existing health challenges to increase the opportunity for a risk-free pregnancy.

Supplement Advice From Pre-Conceptual Care Doctors

It’s always best to consult with your doctor before flooding your body with cocktails of multiple vitamins. It is usually best to keep it simple unless there is a pre-existing condition.

You will receive lots of advice from people and also, of course, from internet searches, but we strongly advise that you focus on the advice given by your pre-conceptual care doctor.

This will ensure you can avoid pregnancy stresses, congenital disabilities and post-birth complications.

Notes On Weight From Pre-Conceptual Care Doctors

Is the issue of weight important? It is. The more your weight deviates from normal (high or low), the more risks come onto your pregnancy radar.

Relevant risks include giving birth prematurely, defects at birth, dangerous insulin levels, high blood pressure, and more.

Your pre-conceptual care doctors will assess your weight and fat index and will guide you on the best nutrition and supplement path to follow.

Exercise Advice From Pre-Conceptual Care Doctors

For a healthy quality of life, the minimum amount of exercise currently thought to be necessary is one hundred and fifty minutes every seven days. During that time, a medium-intensity activity is recommended, such as a brisk walk combined with two weight training sessions within those seven days.

A little each day is recommended – not peaks and troughs of activity.

Should you be super fit already, brilliant? Keep going! If you are starting out, don’t rush it or you will get injured. Always ask your pre-conceptual care doctors for advice on exercise if you have a heart condition, have had a cerebrovascular event, are diabetic, or are very overweight. Also, inform your pre-conceptual care doctors if you have been in hospital (even outpatients), injured, or have a disability.

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