Paint that can help healthcare workers? Plascon releases new products to aid medical responses

Paint that can help healthcare workers? Plascon releases new products to aid medical responses
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As the COVID-19 outbreak puts major strain on South Africa’s healthcare sector, we are looking to the latest technologies, equipment and solutions to curb not only the spread of the virus, but to address the country’s general healthcare needs in the long-term. The Plascon Professional team has two product lines suitable for use in the healthcare sector that contain a multitude of properties designed for environments where infection control and anti-microbial performance are essential.

Plascon Professional Hygiene™ Low Sheen Paint

Plascon Professional Hygiene™ Low Sheen uses BIODEFENCE™ silver technology which actively inhibits microbial growth between cleanings, promotes a more hygienic environment and helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination via painted surfaces.
BIODEFENCE™ also eliminates up to 99.9% of E.coli bacteria and provides proven protection against other harmful bacteria with low VOC, excellent washability and stain resistance. It will withstand repeated cleaning cycles and maintain its antibacterial effectiveness for its full lifetime.
Plascon Professional Hygiene™ Low Sheen with white and pastel tint base also offers ease of application and good hiding. It is suitable for correctly primed interior, new and previously painted plaster, concrete, porous brickwork and various types of building boards.

From Shikkui to Shiquy – age-old wisdom refined for today’s applications

Dating back 1300 years, Shikkui is a traditional Japanese plaster that is used as a protective method when infections develop. Plascon’s parent company, Kansai Paint Japan, has successfully converted the Shikkui plaster finish into a paint finish it has named Kansai Shiquy Paint, and has made this innovation available to Plascon Professional customers.

The benefits of Shiquy include an antiviral effect, the elimination of odours, humidity control and air purification. Viruses exist in moisture, such as droplets from cough and sneezing, vomit and water vapour in the air (humidity). When viruses existing in moisture make contact with Shiquy, the strong alkaline content renders viruses inactive so that they are unable to attach themselves to human/animal cells.

The benefits of the Kansai Shiquy Paint are upheld in a thin film finish, which can be applied onto various surfaces. The product will be imported by Plascon on request.

Both Plascon Professional Hygiene™ Low Sheen Paint and Kansai Shiquy Paint are there to help medical professionals get on with the job of caring for others.

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