Mentor Johnson and Johnson breast implant lawsuits

Mentor Johnson and Johnson breast implant lawsuits
Mentor Johnson and Johnson breast implant lawsuits

A lawsuit was filed against Mentor worldwide and its parent company, Johnson & Johnson’s Services, proclaiming the defective manufacturing of the silicon breasts implants. The lawsuit claimed that the mentor and its parent company have somehow repeatedly failed to follow the guidelines imposed by the food and drug administration (FDA). These lawsuits were based on the grounds of the injuries that were allegedly caused by Mentor’s silicone breast implants.

According to the complaint, a woman from California had a Bio-cell implant in 2016 and since then developed BIA-ALCL. In one of the lawsuits against the company, Mary Sewell of California and 20 other petitioners claimed that they had developed a number of ailments due to the silicone in Mentor’s MemoryGel implants. In the other action, four other women made the same claim. The judge then tossed both the lawsuits because of the reason that the petitioners sued the case under the state law whereas the medical cases are located under the federal law.

The Johnson and Johnson’s silicone breast implants are criticized for causing muscle pain, nausea and other symptoms in those liability lawsuits filed California state court. The Mentors failed to run adequate clinical studies that shape the safety of the implant. The lawyer Jaime Moss claimed and stated to the news service tha t“We believe the problems with Mentor’s silicone implant are pervasive and may have harmed thousands of women”. “This suit may be just the tip of the iceberg.”

Last fall, another plaintiff filed suit in a Golden State federal court, asserting similar claims against Mentor’s Memory Gel implants. The district judge made the way clear for the company’s silicon breast implant lawsuit to proceed, thus indicating that all the claims over health complications caused by the implant are not preempted by federal law.


According to a lawsuit filed in the New Jersey, the popular breast implants by Johnson and Johnson were blamed for causing a form of cancer to an Ohio woman. This lawsuit, in history was the first in the nation that stood against the J&J and its subsidiary alleging breast implants that caused large cell lymphoma which is knowingly a type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

The lawsuit mentioned that, Renne Cashen a 45 year old Ohio woman got a breast implant plastic surgery in February 2008. About 8 years from then, she witnessed a growth of lump under her right armpit, after which underwent a biopsy that determined she had an anapestic large cell lymphoma. She got a surgery in order to remove the memory gel SILTEX implant that was made by the Mentor worldwide.

The FDA recently notified that it had more than 410 reports filed that were found linked to the BIA-ALCL, out of which 9 included death cases. It was noticed that both textured and smooth implants could result into BIA-ALCL, but the textured implants were found to do that more often. Johnson and Johnson took over mentor in 2009 for more than $1.1 billion. Over the period of past 20 years, more than 5 million women have used Mentor breast implants.

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