Is the Keto Diet Becoming Popular in South Africa?

Is the Keto Diet Becoming Popular in South Africa?

The basic concept behind a keto diet is to eat high fat and a low-carb diet which will lead to metabolic changes in your body. For energy usually, the human body makes use of carbs and fat, by reducing the amount of carb intake body do not get sufficient carbs for energy and start making use of another available source like body fat. The main aim of following such a diet is to achieve weight loss goals. Although there are other possible reasons as well but primary is to lose weight. Many popular studies by different researchers tell that Keto diet is now becoming very popular in most of the region of South Africa. Keto blog by famous physicians can be explored to know about the diet more. Currently, keto diet is at peak of its popularity in South Africa, this diet is not a new concept and is already being followed across the world to achieve different fitness goals by people.

How does it work?

A type of chemical which human liver produces when the body does not find enough carbohydrates for energy is known as Ketones. Whenever your body needs energy and it is not able to find enough carbs to fulfill the demand of energy it starts looking for other source and increases the ketone level. When the body is not able to get carbs for longer duration then it increases the ketone level even more. With this increase in the level of ketone leads to positive effects on your body. It is one of the safest and healthiest ways of losing weight. Metabolic process which normally body tends to follow is changed drastically when you follow keto diet. Following low carbs to no carbs diet force your body to look for another source and it starts making use of fat for energy. Following the keto diet in a correct manner make liver turns body fat into chemicals like ketones. This helps you to lose weight as with time when your body does not get carbohydrates it starts burning more and more fat. Depending upon the approach you are following your body will tend to shed those extra pounds.

Why this diet follows low carbs and high fat?

When a person reduce the consumption of carbohydrates drastically and consume more fat it ultimately pushes the body into ketosis and body starts looking for a more reliable source which can be used as a source of fuel for energy. With low carbs and a high-fat diet, the body starts producing this alternative fuel for energy and for this it does not make use of glucose rather in breakdowns the fat. This diet is into existence from several years.

Guidelines to follow before you start with keto

1) Make sure you consult with a physician before starting with the diet. People having kidney or heart problems must consult a physician. And prefer to consult a physician who has good knowledge about such a diet. Less experienced physicians may only tell about the drawbacks as they are not much aware of the benefits of the diet.

2) Do not start with the diet if your body is not in its requirement. And start this diet with a deadline. A person should have definite goals which are to be accomplished by following the diet.

3) Explore keto blog to know more about the diet. Following the diet in a right manner is must if you want to have its positive impact on your body. So learn as much as you can about the diet and follow it using the right approach.

When on ketosis these are the biggest mistakes which you should avoid

1) No exercise

To get best results with different diet plan it is must you do exercise on regular basis. Many of us skip the exercise completely by having a misconception that diet alone will work in achieving the goals. Initially, a few weeks can really be difficult for a person to follow a low carb diet and go to work out session but with time it won’t be much difficult. To get faster results you must exercise along with following the keto diet. It is not required to do an intense workout, walking, squats and other simple exercises can be helpful.

2) Not consuming green vegetables

Ketosis is about reducing the intake of carbs and people often confuse it with stop consuming all types of green vegetables. Don’t do so, some vegetable contains carbs and you may limit their consumption but do not entirely stop consuming green vegetables. You can eat salads, green smoothies to ensure that you ate consuming a good amount of vegetables. Green vegetable if consumed in good amount will help in getting better results from your keto diet plan.

3) Not consuming enough of salt

With keto diet, one stops consuming processed food which leads to less consumption of salt as these food items which people generally eat on regular basis has a good amount of salt in them. Consuming food items like spinach will help in getting enough of salt. Sodium, potassium, and magnesium all are important for body therefore while following keto diet plan makes sure by some means your consumption of salt is proper so that your body can function in an appropriate manner. If your body will not function properly it may become difficult for you to stick to your diet plan.

The duration for which a person has to stay on ketosis depends upon the goals which are to be accomplished. Those who want to lose more weight have to stick to this diet for a long duration. Some people succeed with this diet plan and some may not. The reason behind this is the approach which is being followed is different. Famous keto blog is a good source to know what to eat and what not to while on ketosis. During the starting days you may notice you are losing weight but after some days your body stops losing weight. Do not stop following the diet with this as with time you will notice the significant changes in your body. This diet plan demands patience and discipline.Keto Diet.jpg