Is medical cannabis becoming the best alternative to conventional medicine?

Is medical cannabis becoming the best alternative to conventional medicine?
Is medical cannabis becoming the best alternative to conventional medicine?

When South Africa’s Constitutional Court legalised cannabis use in 2018, it was dubbed the ‘year of cannabis’. This landmark ruling drew mixed reactions, mostly due to the still largely negative associations with recreational cannabis use. While it may seem that South Africa is late to the game, the country is actually at the forefront of cannabis policies in many ways.

In addition to a milestone $1.9 trillion cannabis industry plan, Kwanda Mtetwa made headlines when he became the first South African to be issued a legal cannabis prescription. What’s more, Distell, Africa’s leading producer and marketer of spirits, fine wines, ciders and ready-to-drinks (RTDs), and Invenfin, the venture capital arm of Remgro, recently purchased a stake in Rethink CBD, SA’s leading cannabis wellness brand, in partnership with Releaf Pharmaceuticals. It’s safe to say that the benefits of cannabis are becoming mainstream and people are taking notice.

While discussions around cannabis remain divisive, one of the least controversial topics is cannabidiol, or CBD, which is an extract from the hemp plant. Unlike traditional cannabis, CBD does not contain any psychoactive or intoxicating properties, so there’s no ‘high’. However, patients have reported many benefits to CBD, ranging from pain and anxiety relief to sleep management and more.

Rethink your game plan

“Top-quality products, like those in our Rethink CBD range, have been known to be incredibly versatile, with many therapeutic and health benefits to improve your quality of life. CBD products are more natural alternatives to traditional pharmaceuticals. We’re excited to convert the naysayers and help them rethink their game plan,” says Willco Janse van Vuuren, Managing Director at Releaf Pharmaceuticals.

As part of their plan to educate South Africans about the benefits of cannabis products, Releaf Pharmaceuticals, along with Afriplex and various other brand partners, are participating in the first-ever cannabis investment virtual conference with the full support of the government.

“This is an exciting first for the country, and we encourage everyone to join in discussions with our panel of expert guests, including top cultivators, leading CBD brands, and a team of researchers from the Cannabis Research Institute of South Africa,” adds Janse van Vuuren. “Cannabis for medical use, as well as CBD, has gained huge traction as a powerful and proven natural alternative to conventional medicine for many health concerns.”

“The cannabis market is multifaceted, and this conference will not only inform South Africans on the health benefits and legalities around cannabis use but also highlight prospective investment opportunities in the country.”

Releaf is on the way

Taking place on 9 November 2021, the Expert Guide to Africa Cannabis Investing live panel Q & A invites businesses, thought leaders, investors and the South African public to learn more about navigating Africa’s accelerating cannabis industry. This will be followed by a live webinar and virtual matchmaking programme between participants from Africa and interested parties in North America. All discussions will be hosted by leaders in the respective cannabis fields, with featured panellists including Releaf Pharmaceuticals, Rethink CBD, Afriplex, African Growth Fund, Leaftec, CloneLabs, Iconiq, Cannabis Research Institute, MedReleaf, Health Central and Cultrax.

“South Africa is on track to become an international powerhouse in the cannabis industry, but work still needs to be done. “In our pursuit of educating South Africans on the benefits of medical cannabis, we aim to provide better, safer access to high-quality cannabis products to patients looking for more natural alternatives,” he concludes.

Registration for the Expert Guide to Africa Cannabis Investing is free online. For more information and to attend the virtual conference visit:

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