How to do Natural Abortion at Home

How to do Natural Abortion at Home
Young couple during visit at gynecological office

Women undergo few stages of life throughout their lifespan. These phases are a daughter, a wife, and a mom finally. Among those stages of life, becoming a mother is considered as the best-expected one for any woman in the world.

Pregnancy is the precondition of becoming a mom, and it is the most magnificent phase of a woman’s life. Who (woman) doesn’t want to be a mother?

But what if you have no plan to be a mom right away? You may be at the beginning of your career or not fit physically to be a mom. In this situation, you may decide on the termination of your unwanted pregnancy. Abortion is the only way you may have to think of. Natural abortion is more likely to be safe and cost-effective in comparison with other methods of abortion like medical or surgery.

And, yes, we are not going to cover all the methods of abortion except natural one. In this post, you are in a touch of learning a few ways on how to do a natural abortion at home without expending a lot of cash and time. Besides, you may have health complications after a medical or especially surgical abortion system.

There are some enzymes and vitamins (papain, vitamin C and so on) that induce terminating your pregnancy and some fruits contain a lot of them. So, it is evident that if you can consume them regularly, they help you to abort your pregnancy at home.

Must-have caution before attempting the process

Every step needs some pre-requisites under the sun. In the same way, before starting, you have to consider a few things in your mind so that you avoid health complications after consuming the fruits that help you to terminate your pregnancy.

  • Make sure you are 6-10 weeks of pregnancy. If you are way more weeks of pregnant than the mentioned duration, you should consult with a doctor or avoid (it is wise)
  • You have to be physically healthy. Otherwise, conditions may worsen
  • Strong (stable) mentality is also needed

Well, as you are still reading this article, you are sure enough to do the abortion method naturally. Let’s talk about the fruits and other associated aspects without further ado.

Papaya (Green is recommended)

Papaya is a fruit that contains papain enzyme. This enzyme reduces the production of progesterone and grows the level of estrogens. As you know (might know) that the decreased levels of progesterone are the obstacles to stop the continuous advancement of pregnancy and it causes abortion.

Pineapple is forbidden to take during pregnancy

Did you ask yourself why your doctor does not recommend pineapple during your pregnancy? This is the point I am going to tell you now. Though pineapple has a sweet and sour taste and is yummy, doctors advise their pregnant patients to keep away from the fruits. Why? Bromelain or Proteolytic enzyme that can be found in pineapple is responsible for destroying the protein. This enzyme induces bleeding and breaks the protein in embryo if you can consume them (especially the greener or unripe) a lot. Thus it can help you effectively to end your unplanned pregnancy.

Vitamin C is a key to abort your pregnancy

Vitamin C gets from many kinds of green fruits round the year. Pineapple, guava, papaya and other fruits contain a massive amount of vitamin C. This desirable property can help you terminate your pregnancy if your pregnancy period is in 6 to 10 weeks. It produces estrogen and decreases progesterone that induces your bleeding. As a result, it leads to abortion.

Cinnamon is a key to help your abortion

Cinnamon is known and popular as spices in almost every country in the world. It also helps you to terminate your abortion. But make sure you are in the initial stages of your pregnancy, maybe before 10 weeks. This scented spice helps your uterine bleeding that results in abortion.

Camellia makes uterus excited

Camellia is popular with the pregnant women with its sweet and sour taste. But it is not so good for the pregnant women according to the research. It has been found that camellia helps your uterus exited. As a result, the chance of miscarriage rises.

Chamomile Tea can also be a way

Chamomile tea contains thujone which accelerates your uterine contractions. Make sure you consume it two to three cups daily basis and the increased consumption of this tea will lead you to abortion naturally.


We hope and believe that our research will help you to terminate your unwanted and unplanned pregnancy naturally without investing a huge amount of money. It is also true that all women are not the same. So, you may have to change consuming fruits if it does not work.

Also, if you have seen any health complications, without making any delay, you should get in touch with a specialized doctor for your betterment.