How good is BBL for Buttock Augmentation?


If you’re all set to give Kim Kardashian tough competition with your booty, you need to know about buttock augmentation. Tons of cosmetic therapy procedures are being marketed in the industry, but how safe are they? Here, we’d tell you if Brazilian butt lift is worth the hype or if there’s something better to try.

Is Brazilian buttock augmentation good for you?

The answer is going to leave many of you disappointed but you need to know the real deal. There are lots of risks and possibilities of flaws with BBL, which most clinics will not tell you.

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Over the past two decades, there’s been huge commercialization of fat injections. It has seen recurring failures but is still widely publicized. Fat transplant is a complicated procedure and involves several critical phases.

The discomfort and risks are just not worth it, which is why you should choose the alternative of non surgical buttock augmentation procedure. Let us see why BBL isn’t worth the attempt and what to do instead:

  1. Fat harvesting

You have to go through liposuction to reach the right consistency that allows buttocks to be implanted. It is done in the tumescent technique and cannot be done by the lesser aggressive laser method.

The process only works on women who have donor fat zones, which disqualifies slim and skinny women. Fat with adequate consistency for transplantation is usually found in the thighs, abdomen, and lower back.

If BBL works out for anyone it’ll only be because of the liposuction that helps mold your overall appearance. Surgeons who are skilled enough can contour the gluteal area to achieve the perfect augmentation effect. It helps them make you flaunt your buttocks that were previously overshadowed by the flabby abdomen.

  1. Fat purification

Fat extracted from parts of your body has to be processed for purification. Since it includes Klein’s solution and serosanguineous fluid preventing adipocytes, it cannot be directly added to the patient’s buttocks.

Note that tumescent liposuction destroys a high amount of fat cells that gets reabsorbed by your buttock tissues and then disappears quickly. Purification involves a centrifugation process and that prevents the adipocytes from dying or becoming infectious.

  1. Fat re-injection

Doctors suggest ‘3d injection’ that makes the fat get distributed among several anatomical planes of your buttocks. This is to make sure that the graftings will survive and give you the desired effect and volume. The phase is pretty delicate and can trigger infections and fat embolism.

Why you should avoid BBL?

BBL is a flawed process for buttock augmentation and comes with several complications. First of all, the long-term effect of fat grafting is a myth because almost 70% of volume gets absorbed. There is no ultimate procedure to retain fat grafting and even patients are aware of what to expect.

Secondly, fat resorption is unpredictable and several asymmetries might show up, which needs further grafting. The secondary procedure is tougher due to fibrosis caused by the first liposuction. It makes operations tough for the surgeon because the surgical plane was easier to treat when untouched.

Thirdly, it is a no-brainer that the fat injections are dangerous. Fat can enter your bloodstream and block blood vessel causing a brain stroke. As per reports, BBL has caused way more death in the cosmetic world compared to any other surgery. Apart from life-threatening conditions, BBL can cause minor complications like bleeding, poor skin healing, infections, fat necrosis.

Finally, you must understand that liposuction and the process of fat injection are contrary to one another. Going through both of these processes, one after another will take your body through a trauma.

Why Bioplasty is better for gluteal augmentation?

Bioplasty is the best way of buttock augmentation as it gives you the desired results of BBL without the drawbacks. It uses PMMA injections instead of fat injections and gets you the same results.

Bioplasty results are natural, long-lasting, and have no side effects. It contours your buttocks by using a biocompatible substance, which is medically approved.

Only skilled cosmetic surgeons with a huge experience in buttock augmentation can help you shape and contour your buttocks without risks. You will need at least two sessions, five-month apart, to get a visible difference and then retain long-lasting butt beauty.

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