Hazardous Effects of Pain Killers

Painkillers are the most effective remedy to relieve pain when you are suffering from severe pain. It could be body ache, headache, stomach-ache or ache in any body part. The easiest and fastest way to get rid of acute or severe pain is to consume painkiller. However, Pain killers have potential side-effects on the human body. Taking them for a long time has harmful effects. They are as follows.

Physical side-effects on the body

There are long-term effects which happen to our physical body because of consumption of painkillers are:

  • It may lead to kidney failure or liver failure or disease in any or both of them
  • It lowers down body immunity
  • It creates gastrointestinal disorder or problems.
  • It can also lead to cardiovascular issues
  • It may also lead to mental dysfunction
  • There are chances of the respiratory system getting collapsed
  • In worse situations, death can also result due to an overdose of the medicine.

Psychological symptoms and effects on the brain

There are few psychological symptoms which can create dysfunctioning in the brain for a long term. If you observe any f the symptoms given below, consult a doctor to the earliest to control the situation in the initial stage. The early symptoms of the psychological disorder may include the following:

  • If you get frequent and extreme mood swings
  • If you have Behaviour extremes
  • Symptoms of the feeling of depression or Anxiety or feeling of Confusion
  • Paranoia or feeling low-esteem
  • Feeling Rage or hostility
  • Lonely feeling or isolation from social circle

If these symptoms are regular, it is important to see a doctor. There are chances that these symptoms can also be because of other disorders in the body.

Mental side-effects on the human body

Painkillers not only have physical but also mental side-effects on a human brain. Some of the symptoms of mental disorders due to painkillers are as follows. If you observed these symptoms in yourself, consult a doctor to the earliest and avoid taking painkillers on a regular basis.

  • Poor concentration in work or studies or any other activity
  • Constipation is a very common complaint reported because of consuming painkillers
  • Breathing rate gets slow or weak due to painkillers
  • Slow reactions, lack of understanding, slow movements
  • Depression or mood swings or apathy

Narcotic painkillers like tapentadol avaialable online at geekmeds have resulted in many deaths every year due to the harmful components it constitutes. There are many accidental deaths which occur due to an overdose of the painkiller at a time. Therefore, painkillers should be consumed only in extreme cases when the pain becomes unendurable. Consumption of painkillers in a long-term or on a regular basis can have drastic effects on the human body and brain. Thus, avoid taking painkillers to the most if possible. Homeopathy and Ayurvedic or natural home remedies are a good substitute for consuming drugs and chemical components in the medicine. Most narcotics have hazardous and deadly results on a human body.