Fitness Implications of Dental Implants

Fitness Implications of Dental Implants
Fitness Implications of Dental Implants

In today’s world, mankind has become cautious about his health to a great degree. Our ancestors were never so concerned about maintaining a healthy body. This fact may be credited to the spread of awareness due to the digitization of the world. We know more about common diseases and their causes and so we avoid anything that may lead to illness.

Oral health and fitness

Fitness is something that needs to start from the core of the body. Oral health is of prime importance when it comes to the wellbeing of a person. It’s as simple as saying, if you can’t chew well, you cannot stay healthy. Also, the mouth acts as a portal for anything unhealthy to enter the body.

How do dental implants form an integral part of a healthier self?

  • What are dental implants?

Implants are root form titanium screws that are placed inside the bone. These screws are then used to place a crown replacing missing teeth.

  • Where are they used?

Dental implants replace the missing teeth in the most suitable manner. They can be used, as a fixed replacement of the missing teeth which will last for a lifetime if maintained with proper care and follow ups.

  • Why are they better in maintaining oral health?

They are better than the removable denture prosthesis because removable denture accumulates food around and underneath it. If a removable prosthesis is not cleaned at regular intervals, this accumulated food might lead to a stomach infection. Removable denture does not let its user enjoy a large variety of healthy food stuff like raw fruits, vegetables, and salads. I have seen many denture wearers refuse even slightly hard food items. This, in turn, leads to multiple deficiencies in the body.

Implants are better than the fixed bridges too. To replace a tooth in the form of a bridge, the adjacent healthy teeth need to be prepared for the crowns. This compromise and loss of tooth structure lead to a reduction of the strength of the concerned teeth. Also, dentures can get contaminated easily as compared to dental implants.

Dental implants act as a natural tooth in shape and function. Thus, it doesn’t lead to food accumulation. They help an individual in chewing all hard stuff too.

Thus, dental implants definitely help an individual to stay fit as it helps eat everything efficiently.

A balanced diet is the main thing required for any individual to stay fit.

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