ClinicSpots – Trusted and Reliable Web-based Healthcare facilitator serving a global clientele

ClinicSpots – Trusted and Reliable Web-based Healthcare facilitator serving a global clientele
ClinicSpots – Trusted and Reliable Web-based Healthcare facilitator serving a global clientele

ClinicSpots is a web-based healthcare facilitator that connects people who are suffering from grave diseases with doctors and hospitals located elsewhere to help them recover and live a normal life after that.

Since 2016, this healthcare facilitator has been serving its clients by providing information on cancer treatment, plastic surgery, IVF, spine surgery, hip and knee replacement, heart transplant, liver transplant and so on. On request, it also connects the patient with the doctor or hospital of his/her choice and initiates the treatment. All throughout this journey, Team ClinicSpots offers all possible assistance and support to them.

India is an emerging hub of medical tourism that promises and delivers world-class treatment and care at extremely affordable prices. Medical tourists prefer India for a diverse range of treatments such as bone marrow transplant, liposuction, and image enhancing plastic surgeries, IVF, skin diseases such as vitiligo, psoriasis, gynecological issues, dental problems, eye surgeries and many more. As compared to developed countries, these treatments are done at much lower rates with no compromise done during the treatment or afterward.

We offer our visitors or patients a hassle-free access/experience to expert doctors who are capable of curing them of their disease. The patients and their families are relieved as they can rest assured of their loved one is on the right path to recovery. As mentioned above, we will connect the patients to the most experienced and capable doctor.

Some of the advantages of enlisting the services of a medical healthcare facilitator are –

  • Easy and Quick reference of available medical doctors, caregivers, hospitals, and medical facilities
  • Scheduling and rescheduling of appointments and follow-ups can be done online 24/7
  • Medical Consultation and Advice from doctors based on the medical reports submitted
  • Help and support offered through email, chat and on phone

ClinicSoft – Our Online Client Relationship Manager

ClinicSoft is an intuitive interface in place for handling and managing the doctors and the patients operating across our portal. Designed and developed on the SaaS platform, ClinicSoft program efficiently manages the doctor’s appointment schedule and their online reputation management.

A quick overview of the Interface

Smooth Interface

First-time users, as well as regular visitors, can visit and fill in their details in no time as well as book appointments as required. Also, they can get a fair idea of available doctors, treatments and other related information quite easily and quickly

Managing Doctor’s Schedule

With ClinicSoft online, getting the doctor’s appointment is possible in just a few clicks along with it, follow up schedules or rescheduling appointments can be done almost seamlessly. Through it, patients get reminders of their scheduled appointment through SMS as well as emails well in advance. Also, the records of these appointments are maintained and can be referred to quickly.

Records Management

This interface is capable of storing, saving and retrieving every detail and/or every inquiry typed into its interface. All the relevant details viz. appointments booked, rescheduled, follow-ups along with medical reports, diagnosis and consultation prescribed are stored within its database and can be accessed easily as and when required.

Reputation Management

These days both the parties seek each other out through the Internet and online, it becomes even more necessary to maintain a very good online reputation through patient reviews and testimonials. A doctor with a good reputation is likely to attract more customers. This interface is capable of managing the doctor’s profile through its intuitive interface.

Billing and Accounts

Billing and Accounts is yet another area of any clinical practice which is well taken care of by ClinicSoft. The entire module can be managed entirely by the doctor’s staff or the doctor and they need not be computer savvy. This removes a lot of burden from the doctor’s responsibility and allows him or her to concentrate on their medical practice.

For patients and visitors

As you can see these services prove to be very useful especially when seeking out treatment in another country which does mean a lot of adjustments with regards to food, language, culture, way of living and so on.

By offering concierge services in form of travel, arranging for of medical visa, accommodation arrangement, food, and local travel support, Team ClinicSpots ensures that the medical tourists are escorted right from their arrival till their departure to their home country after the treatment is complete and they are recovering well.

The patients and their family members would be worried as well as tensed. They would be unsure of their next path of action and at such times, we are always available to offer them the required guidance and support which does seem like a ray of new hope.

At this point, assistance with regards to available treatment options, available doctors and hospitals along with a comparative analysis of the same regarding cost, location, and other finer details is given to them on request.

ClinicSpots deals with its patients and/or visitors and doctors intuitively while keeping in mind the changing scene of medical tourism in India for sooner or later it is likely to emerge as a strong sector of the Indian economy.

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