Change of Season Got You Feeling Under the Weather? Here’s How You Can Fight Winter Illnesses

Change of Season Got You Feeling Under the Weather? Here’s How You Can Fight Winter Illnesses
Change of Season Got You Feeling Under the Weather? Here’s How You Can Fight Winter Illnesses

As soon as the weather starts changing, the inevitable passing of germs begins. Our bodies become so acclimatised to the warmer Summer weather and the amount of daylight hours we get, that as soon as there’s a slight chill in the air, we start to get that cold and shuddery feeling – shortly followed by the other classic symptoms. However, there are certain things you can to in order to fight and prevent these viruses, because let’s be real, in these busy times, who can really afford to get sick? If you’re feeling a little bit under the weather, here’s how you can start to fight off those winter viruses.

Do Your Research

Presumably you’re here to find out just how to prevent those pesky winter bugs – but it never helps to do some extra research. After all, if you were looking to improve and sell your home, you’d likely be looking at pages from this site and similar. That’s an example – but the point still stands. Look after yourself in the same way you would any other aspects of your life!

You’d be surprised at just how many articles there are online filled with advice about supplements and vitamins to aid you in prevention, so take a look!

Load Up on Vitamin D

Okay, so we’ve all had a Summer of loading up on Vitamin D – so what are our bodies going to do now it’s in short supply?

The importance of Vitamin D has been highlighted in the media a lot lately, and there’s no wonder as to why as our bodies often depend on this vitamin in order to help your cells to fight against infections. When you think about it that way, it’s pretty important.

It’s always good to get out in the fresh air when the sun makes an appearance as it’s healthy for you in more ways than one, however in the upcoming months the sun simply isn’t strong enough to give you all of the Vitamin D your body needs to fight cold and flu viruses.

This is where it’s good to take a Vitamin D supplement every day. They tend to be massively inexpensive and easy enough to purchase from the local supermarket, so invest in some – even if it’s just for those next few risky months. You’ll be thankful you did so when everyone around you is coughing and sneezing, and you’re fighting fit.

Disinfect Your Hands

Your hands carry more germs than you’ll care to imagine. Think about it this way – every public door handle you touch, has been touched by hundreds of thousands of people before you. Those people may have come in to contact with any sort of germs, and who’s to say whether they’ve washed their hands or not? The thought can be a little grim, but it’s a fact.

The easy way to combat this, is by keeping your hands clean. One of the easiest ways of doing this, is investing in a pocket sized hand sanitiser. It means no matter where you are – whether that be on the bus, at work, or at the gym – that you can keep your hands clean. The quickest way to combat illness, is to combat germs – and if you do that, you’re far more likely to stay healthy this Winter.

Keep Your Phone Disinfected

Okay, this might sound a little pedantic, but think about it. How many different places do you put your phone down in the average day? The answer is likely a lot. Therefore, imagine how many germs it picks up, and are therefore transferred not only to your hands, but your face when you’re on the phone too. Yuck.

The best thing to do is much like with the antibacterial hand gel, purchase a small packet of wipes. Then just regularly sanitise your phone by giving it a quick wipe. It’s really as easy as that.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Last of all, but not least, never forget how important sleep is for your overall health.
Sleeping is what helps your body to recover and regenerate from the day gone by, and without it, you’re not as strong which makes you immediately more susceptible to germs and bacteria.

If you’re not a natural sleeper and tend to struggle, try herbal substances such as camomile tea and lavender oils to naturally relax your body. Furthermore, try breathing exercises and taking some time away from your phone. You’d be surprised at how much easier you’ll sleep for doing it – and ultimately how much better you’ll feel!

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