Candice Lambert, SA’s mental health advocate

Candice Lambert, SA’s mental health advocate
Candice Lambert, SA's mental health advocate

Bio of Candice Lambert

Candice has over a decade experience  and background in psychology, undergrad qualification in psychology, Strategic Leadership Training, Disability & Diversity Management and business. A solid advocate for the rights of others, especially those who seem to go unnoticed, such as children, people with disabilities or mental health issues and those in need of basic care.

The passion for helping others see and realize their full potential has always been strong. I strive to use all my potential, gifts and resources to reach others and enhance compassion, resilience and an empowered community / society.


Candice Lambert is a Mental health advocate & director of Kids Dialogue non profit org which has a team of practitioners who specialise in Paediatric dietetics, OT, Speech therapy, play therapy and audiology.

  1. Candice Lambert was raised by her parents, grandparents and neighbors, growing up in a township. She believes in social responsibility and social change and wants to help people deal with everyday personal issues that they find difficult to talk about.

Considering research and categories such as mental health, suicide prevention and HIV and AIDS, the YOUTH are dominating these categories. Which means there is a bigger focus and drive for Candice Lambert and the Kids Dialogue Team in the area of early childhood development and youth interventions; as well as Healthy Future Kids Foundation (NPO of Kids Dialogue).

For Youth Month June 16, Candice and her team focus on suicide prevention, helping young people deal with trauma, peer pressure, unemployment, financial instability, cyber bullying, anxiety, alcohol and substance abuse and many other mental health issues affecting young people which they find difficult to talk about.

Kids Dialogue is launched a few programs for young people, including The Dynamic Dialogues Neuroleadership YOUTH empowerment program in November 2023.

She currently runs a holiday empowerment program for kids aged 2 – 7 called the “World Changers Holiday Club” the principles are based on themes of inclusion, resilience, compassion, diversity and emotional regulation using various child-friendly and fun ways to get to learn these concepts.