Brain Tumour: A Diet To Follow!

Brain Tumour: A Diet To Follow!

As your fight against brain cancer has just begun, a diet can help you in keeping your health and spirits up. Not only it could save you from infections but also it could aid you in a speedy recovery. Here are few tips that can help you in maintaining a balanced diet and fuel your immune system well.

Stay up on some carbs

The carbohydrates should usually be at least one-third of your diet, natural carbs should be prefered over processed carbs. As carbohydrates are the primary source of energy in the body, fibre rich things like brown rice, brown wheat, brown pasta and plantain could help you in reaping the energy that endures.

Prefer protein rich stuff

It is suggested to include 2-3 protein rich portions in your diet daily. Protein is literally called the building block of the body, the protein-rich diet makes sure to maintain a healthy immune system and aids the body in tissue repair. Some protein-rich items include fish, poultry, eggs and other dairy products.

Consider fruits and vegetables

Like carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables should squeeze into one-third part of your diet ideally. As fruits and vegetable are an abundant source of Vitamin, Minerals and fibres, your day should include five parts of them.

Dairy products for your bone

Calcium serves an important purpose of maintaining an optimum bone health and since dairy products are calcium-rich it is good to include some of them in your diet. However, consumption of the dairy products should be limited to only 2-3 portions a day. Some of the things that you can consume are milk, yoghurt, cheese, soya milk etc.

Limit fats and sugars

Sugary foods and fats do nothing great for your body and you may be suggested to avoid or carefully choose which fats to consume. But if you have lost weight or not having a great appetite as a result of your medical condition, doctors might consider suggesting you some foods that are high in fat.

Consume optimum fluids

As we all know water is a part of upto 75% of our body mass, nothing else could be as important. It is a crucial part of many bodily processes and our body will seize to function without it. So it is important that we keep a check on our fluid intake and make sure it is up to the mark. Ideally, it is advised to consume around 8-10 glasses of water, for a brain tumour it’s nothing different. However, if there are conditions such as diarrhoea which is contributing to water loss from the body, you might need to drink more water to compensate.

What should you eat during recovery?

It’s good that your treatment is going successful, but what now? Often due to pain and nausea, you might not feel like eating something but as eating is the only way you could speed up your recovery, you should try to have smaller meals. Fried, greasy or extremely sweet or spicy foods should be avoided during or immediately after the treatment.


All the mentioned suggestions should be discussed with your doctor before actually implementing them in your diet. Now Neurosurgery hospitals have dieticians that could make a personalised diet plan for you, and they ensure you consume only things that are good for your medical condition. Countries like India are known for their hospitals and affordable treatment rates. Best Neurosurgery Hospitals in India are known for the overall care they offer to the patients be it before the surgery or during post-surgery recovery, this often includes consultation with a dietitian. Organizations like MedMonks could help you in getting the treatment you deserve in a country like India.