Baby Acne – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Baby Acne – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments
Baby Acne – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

When a baby is born, you want to love it, kiss it and touch it because babies are cute and adorable and you can’t resist to love them. You want to take a lots of snaps to post on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat but then after few days you stop doing all these acts because suddenly the baby face gets red bumps and acne. The baby acne doesn’t just stop you from posting baby’s pics on Social Sites but it also makes you worried about baby’s skin health.

Baby acne is in fact nothing to worry about. It’s a common issue in new born babies and almost every fifth baby gets baby acne on face a couple of weeks after the birth. Parents shouldn’t be worried if they observe baby acne on face because it is painless and non-irritating skin issue which is temporary. Baby acne treatment is not even recommended because it gets cleared after a few days or in a couple of weeks. In extremely rare cause it may last for few months and in that case, it is recommended that you visit paediatrician to get some advice.


What Causes Baby Acne?

The question, “What causes baby acne?” still has no proper answer because no obvious baby acne causes are yet documented by the doctors. A few doctors and researchers says that it may be because of remains of mother’s hormones in baby’s blood while a few suggests that it might be because of imbalanced gut flora. Both these baby acne causes are just suggestions and opinions of a few scientists and researchers.

Baby’s skins are extremely sensitive there can be some other reasons as well like it can be due to irritation from some specific fabric like polyester. Some suggests that formula milk is one of the major baby acne causes but that’s not true because ratio is almost same for babies getting infected with baby acne whether they are breast fed or given the formula milk.

How to Get Rid of Baby Acne?

As we said earlier in very first paragraph that baby acne is not something to worry about. It’s a painless acne that causes no irritation, itching or inflammation. It gets healed automatically after one or two weeks so let it be healed naturally rather than trying something that may make the situation worse for your baby. But being parents it’s always hard to see your newly born baby with baby acne on face and you can’t wait for the baby acne to go away naturally.

The restlessness situation of parents urges them to keep seeking how to get rid of baby acne. The main reason behind this agitation is that they feel their baby is in pain and getting irritated with this baby acne. But first thing that they need to clear in their mind – as we said earlier various times – that baby acne is harmless, painless and cause no itching or irritation. And keep yourself calm otherwise your agitation may lead you take some steps which might worse the baby acne and then it may leave never vanishing scars on your baby’s cute face.

New born baby’s skin is so sensitive that you shouldn’t take any risk of using any lotions, soaps or even the skin ointments. All these things have chemical that may worsen the situation or even the baby skin. But still we have the tips which can help you if your baby has baby acne or rash.

Keep Baby’s Face Clean without Soap

Baby’s skin is sensitive and it can get infected easily if we won’t take care of it. But it’s almost a continuous task to keep baby’s face skin because it gets dirty so often. When baby is fed, it often drops on skin or even your baby spreads it on the skin using his/her hands. Babies often spill out the food after we feed them and it spreads on the face. And babies stomach is so weak that they often vomit if there’s something that disturbs their stomach. People often kiss the babies and it may also leave some bacteria on their soft and sensitive skin.

All the events and activities we mentioned in the previous para, can make your baby’s skin dirty. You must keep it clean. Use mild hot water and wash baby’s face once or twice a day or you may use some soft fabric dipped in mild hot water to clean the baby’s face.

Avoid Using Harsh Products

Skin products like soap and lotions are never recommend to be used on baby’s skin. Newly born baby’s skin is not just sensitive but it has naturally high pH level i.e. it is more acidic then normal skin so that it may fight the bacteria and infections naturally. Using soap may disturb this pH level and then skin will be prone to baby acne and other infections.

Don’t Cover Baby’s Face

Almost all the fabrics has chemical which may irritate soft and sensitive skin of your baby so avoid covering baby’s face with fabric and even scrubbing with towel is not recommended.

Probiotics in Mothers’ Diet

For breastfeeding mom it’s recommended to take diet rich in probiotics because it will help the growth of good bacteria in your babies.

These tips may help you getting rid of baby acne. We’re telling once again that baby acne goes away naturally so don’t be panic. If it doesn’t go away after months, you must visit


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