A Combination of Green Tea Extracts and Vitamin C

A Combination of Green Tea Extracts and Vitamin C
A Combination of Green Tea Extracts and Vitamin C. Photo: Pixabay

The benefits of green tea are known to everyone. It can lower cholesterol, prevent cancer cells from growing, and, most importantly, help in shedding those extra kilos. Due to these benefits of green tea extracts, it is widely available and used in form of supplements.

It has been proven in more than 1800 scientific studies that green tea contains powerful antioxidants including flavonols, polyphenols, and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG); the last one is the most powerful of the antioxidants green tea contains. Due to the presence of these antioxidants in the green tea extracts, they offer the numerous benefits associated with their use.

EGCG, as mentioned above, is among the most powerful antioxidants. It contains up to 100 times more antioxidant power as compared to vitamin C and E. It is said that a cup of tea includes more antioxidants that are present in a single serving of spinach, strawberries or broccoli. These antioxidants are responsible for keeping DNA of the body intact and membranes of cells stabilized, along with offering numerous other benefits.

ECGC, in particular, proves to be quite beneficial for the body. The biggest of all benefits that it offers is that it prevents cancer cells from growing by blocking carcinogens actions. With the presence of this particular antioxidant in green tea extracts, respiratory infections and digestive disorders can also be prevented.

Green tea extracts are widely used for the purpose of losing weight. There are numerous other products available for losing weight; however, their use comes with certain side effects but this is not the case with green tea extracts. There are no side effects with its use. Hence, everyone can use it for shedding extra weight. This is one of the major reasons why it has become a vital component for weight loss programs.

Combination of Vitamin C & Green Tea Extracts

The benefits of green tea extracts can be increased by taking it along with vitamin C. A new study says that green tea extracts, when combined with Vitamin C, provides beneficial results. It is believed that vitamin C interacts favorably with green tea extracts. It helps in increasing catechins antioxidants in the tea. Therefore, its benefits increase.

This combination can also prove to be healthy for our skin and offer numerous other advantages. However, further study is needed to be considered on the benefits of this combination as some concerns regarding antioxidants have been raised as well.

A Final Word

All in all, there is no denying the fact that green tea extracts offer plentiful benefits for our health. To avail its benefits, it is advised to take 1 to 3 capsules of these extracts per day. The ideal time to take them is morning. You can also take them during the afternoon; however, avoid taking them at night.

If you are planning to add a dose of vitamin C to it, consult your dietitian and they can guide you about its benefits.